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Asmask Capsule - Helps to Control Asthma and Respiratory Disorders

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Best Foods for Asthma Treatment

According to Ayurveda; any disease, be in Asthma or a respiratory infection – it all comes from your improper digestive capacity or digestion problems. It could be your digestive juices that’re creating an issue or your digestive organs that are the culprit. Any illness treated with Ayurveda first aims at clearing your digestion problems, before the actual treatment for the illness starts.

Asthma is no different. When your digestion is properly taking place, nutrients reach all your vital organs properly and thereafter treating the illness becomes easy with no side-effects. Treating your digestive problems largely includes what you eat. So, if your problem is Asthma, Ayurveda puts across a list of food items that you should take efforts to indulge in to cure yourself of Asthma attacks and side effects.

Asthma Treatment

1. Load up your plate with fruits and vegetables: You must have heard a little too much about this tip. But it is just a re-emphasis on how much you should concentrate on good nutrients for your health. This is the best asthma treatment in Ayurveda to start off with. The nutrients in fruits and veggies have all the properties to act as anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory substances to your respiratory infections. It reduces the swelling and inflammation your lungs go through after every asthma attack. These are also options for low-calorie foods and will be quite filling. Overweight is also sometimes the reason for breathlessness and asthma. So, keeping your weight in check will become possible with this tip.

2. If you are a non-veg lover, fish is just meant for you. Try fish salads and steamed fish, for it is full of proteins. Proteins are essential for your lungs to function properly and to protect and withstand any asthma attack. Fish is a good food for asthma according to Ayurveda. For those who don’t eat non-veg, fish oil supplements are your go-to. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids and proteins that will reduce the airway constriction in your respiratory tract and keep your breathing easy and effortless. You’ll manage your asthma in a better way with this tip.

3. Eating an apple daily is the next best asthma treatment in Ayurveda. Yes, apples can keep the asthma attacks at bay. It’s because apple is loaded with anti-oxidants and provide the best antihistamine and inflammatory action in your allergies related to asthma. A study in the American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine quotes that eating an apple a day keeps your ENT doctor away!

4. The next on the list of Ayurvedic foods for asthma prevention is Vitamin D. You should either get exposed to sun a few minutes while you walk as a part of your regular exercise regimen or taken Vitamin D supplements if sun is a curse to your place. Vitamin D prevents asthma attack and strengthens your lungs and respiratory organs.

5. Pep up your food with some spice. We are talking about the traditional turmeric and those crusty chili peppers. Both these contain antioxidants and also fight inflammation to a higher extent. While turmeric is an antibiotic, chili contains “capsaicin” which will fight infections in your respiratory tract. So, do add these foods for asthma protection.

6. The next good food for asthma happens to be Vitamin C. Vitamin C is rich in its anti-oxidant properties and also clears up allergies in asthma. You could rely on spinach, citrus fruits, bell peppers, broccoli and strawberries for maximum Vitamin C content. If you cannot handle citrusy flavors, you could hail upon Vitamin C herbal preparations to introduce this protecting vitamin to your respiratory system.

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