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Ayurvedic Properties of Tulsi Leaves

The holy Tulsi or basil leaves is an acclaimed herb in almost every Indian household for the past 5000 years. Known for its holiness, it is treated the ‘queen of herbs’. It is also very well known for its medicinal properties and is the base to almost every Ayurvedic medicine.

Why these Basil Leaves are so special?

We now know that Tulsi leaves are a gift explored and passed over to us by our ancient seers. But, what did they explore and what makes these leaves to be termed the queen, let’s read:

Ayurvedic Properties of Tulsi Leaves
  • The best germicidal agent: When you have a cold or cough, try boiling a few Tulsi leaves with plain water. Extracting the decoction or filtering out the leaves and drinking down the water will bring great relief to your cold and cough irritation sooner than you expected. It will also soothe your infected respiratory tract. Now, don’t throw out the filtered out leaves, you can very much munch them for more beneficial results.
  • An excellent anti-inflammatory solution: When you are suffering of flu or fever, there could be nothing more than Tulsi that can act against the influencing virus. For acute fevers, make a decoction out of boiled Tulsi leaves and half a teaspoon of cardamom powder + half a teaspoon of sugar. Use this as syrup to treat your fever and be cured of fever instantly.
  • Known for its strengthening capacity: In case you or your close ones are suffering from renal stones, then go to Tulsi for help. Make a juice out of Tulsi leaves, stir in a teaspoon of honey and drink up this juice on an empty stomach in the early morning to find wonderful results.
  • Best immunity booster: If pollution takes a toll on your health, Tulsi is the go-to agent to boost your immunity against these harmful environmental agents. Pluck a few Tulsi leaves, rinse them well and chew these leaves to boost your body’s immunity power.
  • Expert cholesterol controller: Tulsi is the best cholesterol regulator. If you keep munching on Tulsi leaves, it will streamline your blood for its cholesterol levels and keep your blood cholesterol levels maintained. It contains Vitamin C and Eugenol as additional features, which have a splendid effect on cholesterol levels.
  • The best solution for diabetes: If you have been fighting with high and uncontrollable diabetes counts, then Tulsi will spare you off the stress. Keep munching on fresh Tulsi leaves to keep your blood sugar levels under control.
  • A one stop solution for beauty woes: There are many beauty complaints for the youth-pimples and acnes, dry or oily scalp, white heads or black heads, large pores on the skin, loosened skin which needs tightening and so on. Tulsi is just the solution you have to go for. Making a pack out of Tulsi for your hair and skin related problems; applying the same and leaving it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinsing it off will provide a solution to your beauty woes.
  • Infection fighting master: No matter what kind of infection you are suffering from, treat it with Tulsi. Drink down the Tulsi extract and be surprised to find that your infection has gone away at once!
  • A good laxative: If you have been suffering from stomach infections, digestion problems and constipation, try drinking Tulsi juice on an empty stomach. You will be amazed at the miracle.
  • The best pain reliever: If you have been suffering from tooth pain/rheumatism, then treat it with a pack of Tulsi leaves to get relieved of pain instantly.
  • Expert detoxifier: Smokers and drinkers who have recouped themselves from these bad habits and are looking for detoxifying their lungs from all those accumulated pollutants, then Tulsi is the best solution for this as well. Munching on Tulsi leaves will extract all the poison away from you.
  • Promotes quick healing: If you have been suffering of an unhealable infection, then trust on Tulsi. Just munching on fresh leaves and taking in Tulsi extracts can do the wonder to your problems.
  • Treats cuts and wounds expertly: If you have had a recent cut or wound, apply some Tulsi pack over the affected area. Tulsi will fight those infections and drive away the pain instantly. You will be healed very soon with its miracle.

With all these pronounced professional qualities, now we know why it is the one-stop-solution for health problems. Try planting Tulsi leaves in your balcony or backyard-it not only brings benefits to your health, but also brings in positive vibrations to your living space because it is that holy!!

Probably that is why our grandmothers and moms worshipped the plant so very much. Even though we don’t get the real time for this plant’s worship, let us be a part of its medicinal worship-join the Tulsi revolution and spread the word of goodness to the world around you!

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