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Ayurvedic Home Remedies to Reduce Cholesterol

Have you always been yearning to find the Holy Grail to control and maintain your cholesterol levels? We understand that cholesterol control can be a lonely and confusing adventure to step into. To give that extra nudge and right direction to cholesterol control, we have found your Holy Grail in Ayurveda and this blog is just for you.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies to Reduce Cholesterol

Following these tips will safely and effectively fly you towards your goal. While it is your genes and your body which decides the amount of cholesterol you need, it is your diet which keeps your physical fitness on.

Here are the foods you must be eating from your kitchen and spice rack to surround yourself with Ayurvedic wellbeing:

  • The coriander extract: Start your day with the magical coriander. Mix up 2 tablespoons of coriander powder to water and drink it up. This has a proven efficiency of lowering your cholesterol levels by 16% per week.
  • Spice up your food:Onions are highly efficient in controlling cholesterol levels. Onions have been said to reduce bad cholesterol levels and elevate the good cholesterol content in one’s body. Therefore, the risk of heart diseases is nullified. So, spice up your food with a handful of chopped onions and stay heart-healthy.
  • Gooseberry
  • The Indian Gooseberry:Commonly referred to as amla/nellikai in India, the Indian Gooseberry has miraculous effects on one’s cholesterol and sugar levels. Eating a raw Indian gooseberry can do immense goodness. For those whom it is not possible, mixing up the dried gooseberry powder to a cup of warm water and drinking it up will do wonders in controlling your sugar and cholesterol levels. It is also one of the best known blood purifiers.
  • Match up to the trend:The trending apple cider vinegar is being subscribed to as one of the best foods for almost every illness. It hasn’t proved less in curing cholesterol disorders too. Mixing a teaspoon of this vinegar to water and consuming it twice a day will have proven effects in controlling cholesterol, high blood pressure, acid reflux, gout and other respiratory infections too.
  • Favor the Flavonoids:Oranges, well-known for their Vitamin C and Flavonoids are best in controlling cholesterol levels. It increases the HDL cholesterols and triglycerides, thereby decreasing the LDL ratio in cholesterol patients.
  • Blessed breakfast:A bowl of oats is considered as the blessed breakfast to maintain your sugar levels, weight, heart disorders, cholesterol and what not. Oats is definitely a blessed breakfast to those who are suffering from physical illnesses. Since it has a highly soluble fiber content, it reduces the absorption of cholesterol and fats, thereby reducing bad cholesterol levels.
  •  Feast on the fish
  • Feast on the fish:Fish is a very well-known source of omega 3 fatty acids. It definitely and effectively lowers triglycerides and prevents one from heart diseases. Whenever you feel like pampering your taste buds with the non-vegan food, feast on the fish and it will bring you goodness!
  • Let’s go nutty: Nuts are the famous cholesterol controllers. Having a combination of walnuts and almonds for your snack time is the best thing to do. This not only does immense goodness towards weight control, but is very heart-friendly. Highly fibrous in nature, it has the total control over your cholesterol levels. So go nutty while you are snacking!
  • Start your day sweetly:Yes, this applies even to the diabetic. Starting your day off with lemon squeezed into warm water and a few drops of honey will improve your immunity and keep diseases at bay.

Apart from all the above mentioned diets, it is important to exercise daily. Yoga is the recommended form of exercise. Keeping yourself physically fit is the path towards fitness.

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