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Ayurveda Health Benefits of Sugar Cane Juice

Well, well sugar cane juice is just not another sweet drink—it is one of the healthiest drinks out there enriched with a list of nutrients. It is such a rich Ayurvedic product bestowed to the mankind from Mother Nature. Did you know that it puts the artificial energy drinks to shame? Read on to know the health benefits of sugar cane juice:

benefits of sugar cane
  • The instantaneous source of energy: When you are running out of energy levels under the hot burning ball of sun, your instant energy refill is a glass of sugarcane juice. Compared to the abundant sugar levels that the artificial juices are made up of, sugar cane comes with its natural source of sugar and has no chemicals used to store or process it. Natural is the best!
  • Not for the diabetic-a myth: Did you ever think sugarcane juice is not good for diabetic patients? Then you are wrong! Sugar cane comes with a low glycemic index and will not harm the diabetic patients. However, patients suffering from type II diabetes must consume sugar cane juice in moderation.
  • Effective against cancer: With its high concentration of potassium, calcium and iron, sugar cane juice proves to be a cancer fighting agent; especially against prostate and breast cancer.
  • Contributes to renal health: When you drink down a glass of sugar cane juice, it produces abundant amounts of protein in your body, so as to reduce the burning sensation that occurs during a urinary infection. Thus, this Ayurvedic product helps maintain your renal health.
  • The nutrient mixture: If you have fragile and prone-to-break type of nails, sugar cane juice will come handy. With its immense calcium levels, sugar cane juice will help boost up your nail’s beauty!.
  • The healthy acid: The alpha hydroxy acid content in sugarcane juice provides the best hydration and nourishment possible to your skin. If you want your skin to look hydrated and healthy, then dry drinking sugar juice very regularly. You could also mix a teaspoon of sugar cane juice to your regular scrub and see the difference!
  • Provides natural power: With its natural glucose levels, sugar cane juice provides enough energy stores to your muscles. Both your stamina and protein levels will get naturally boosted and you’ll be able to go that extra mile!
  • The digestive mantra: It’s good for the digestive system and also assists with constipation because of its high potassium content.
  • colostral control
  • Add on to the good cholesterol: It decreases body cholesterol- both LDL and triglycerides.
  • Does good to your organs: Regular intake of sugarcane extract strengthens the stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, and mind and sex organs.
  • The perfect replacement to artificial drinks: It’s a perfect thirst quencher and cooling drink during summers. It keeps the body hydrated.

Therefore, Sugarcane also known as the “Ganna” is an important member of the grass family. It contains sucrose and is filled with various other nutrients that aids in good health.

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