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Nilavembu kudineer

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Andrographis paniculata medicinal uses (Nilavembu kudineer)

The siddha formulation to combat dengue is the talk of the town these days. Nilavembu kudineer, prepared from 9 different herbs is a concoction that helps combat fever, acts as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. Nilavembu, Andropgraphis paniculata, the main ingredient of this concoction is called Kalmegh in Sanskrit. It has an exceptional quality of treating fever, liver issues, jaundice and respiratory problems.

Andrographis paniculata

The concoction acts effectively against dengue, chikungunya and even a normal viral infection. It is made up of equal proportions of the following:

Nilavembu (Andrographis paniculata)

  • Nilavembu is king of bitter herbs. It is a natural antipyretic herb and helps fight toxicity and detoxifies your liver.

Vettiver (Vetiveria zizanioides)

  • Vettiver is a small grass variety that has a refreshing aroma. It is known for its cooling property and provides hydration inside the body. It fights against pathogenic waste materials and brings it out through sweat and urine.

Vilamiccam ver (Vetiveria zizanioides)

  • Vilamiccam ver is similar to Vettiver and has a cooling property to hydrate the body as well. It makes the person perspire and thus reduces the body temperature. It is an anti-inflammatory herb that helps relieve pain and burning sensation.

Cantanam (Santalum album)

  • Sandal wood, the well-known aromatic herb has cooling qualities and helps reduce fever. It’s aroma creates the mood of wellbeing and introduces normalcy.

Peyputtal (Trichosanthes cucumerina)

  • This herb helps in liver protection and detoxifying your blood of infective toxins.

Koraik kilanku(Cyperus rotandus)

  • This dried rhizome reduces infections and reduces fever as well. It also soothes down the physical and mental stress during the illness and makes you feel better and relieved.

Cukku (Zingeber officinale)

  • Dried rhizomes of ginger helps increase antibacterial action in the body and regularizes the digestive system. Known for enhancing appetite and digestion, cukku is a way old herb that makes you feel better.

Milaku (Piper nigrum)

  • Pepper, the king of spices has healing qualities to neutralize inflammation and clear infections. It increases the immunity in your body and prevents the recurrence of fever.

Parpatakam (Mollugo cerviana)

  • This antiseptic herb fights septic inflammations. It induces sweating to lower fever and aids in digestion and detoxifies the entire body.

Now that you know the ingredients of nilavembu kudineer, read on to know its uses in detail:

  • Nilavembu kudineer treats viral and malaria infections. It also gives your body the essential immunity to resist and fight against recurring fevers.
  • It acts as a preventive and curative for viral infections.
  • Acts effectively against Typhoid and Malaria.
  • It fights against abscess or tumors too.
  • Nilavembu kudineer fights against any type of inflammation and reduces the body temperature, which is the side effect of infections.
  • It is also efficient to reduce the fever associated with shivering.


Drinking 15-30 ml of nilavembu kudineer twice a day is more than enough to support your immune system. It should be taken orally before meals for best results. Consulting a Siddha specialist will help.

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