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Skin Care - Psoriasis Effective Treatment by Natural Ayurvedic Oil

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An Alternative Treatment for Psoriasis by Ayurveda

 Skin Care Psoriasis

Psoriasis, the skin disorder which is characterized by rough inflammation and patchy appearance is often a gene-related disorder. However, people who are exposed to unhygienic environment are also likely to inherit this disease. It affects various parts of the skin including the legs, hands, back, front, nails and even one’s face. Among a thousand treatments and modes of medicine available for this dissipated disease, Ayurveda has always worked out to be the best with its rich heritage of herbs and natural curatives. It is true that, many patients across the globe opt for Ayurveda for treating Psoriasis and the other modes of medicine receive a low welcome while compared to that of Ayurveda.

The reason - Ayurveda boasts of rich herbs and natural oils which penetrate deep into one’s skin cells and cures the disease from its origin; while the other modes of medicine act only on the surface of the skin, causing temporary relief.

Here are the following treasured herbs which are used at Vopec to formulate Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment and cure of Psoriasis:

 Skin Care Psoriasis
  • Madhusnuhi (Smilax china) : The flavonoid quercetin from Smilax china exhibits anti-inflammatory action and reduces rapid growth of cells (anti proliferant activity).Individuals with psoriasis has been found to have high levels of endotoxins circulating in the bloodstream (endotoxins are cell wall fragments of normal gut bacteria). An active principle Sarsaponin present in this herb, found to bind with the endotoxins circulating in the blood stream of Psoriatic patients and efficiently remove them, thus relieving Psoriasis. It stimulates detoxifying functions of the skin.
  • Gardhabandha (Thespasis populens) Antioxidant and hepato protective herb useful in treating Psoriasis .It provides anti-inflammatory anti-microbial activity in treating skin diseases.
  • Aritta manjari (Acalypha indica)
  • Leaves and roots of this plant have medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial. Extracts of leaves of Acalypha indica Linn. were evaluated for antibacterial activity against both gram positive and gram-negative bacteria. It has shown activity against various strains of gram positive and in gram negative only on Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Leaf extract has been used to treat various skin diseases including psoriasis due to its natural anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties
  • Jyothishmathi (Celastrus panniculata)
  • This is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal herb, has been used in traditional ayurvedic medicines from many centuries. It has excellent wound healing activity by increasing collagen formation in skin.
  • Bakuchi Psoralea Corylifolia is valued in herbal medicine as a remedy to major skin diseases and is used to improve general vitality. This is a natural source of Psoralen which is used to treat Psoriasis in conventional medicine. The active ingredient found in Psoralia cordyfolia is called Psoralen, bakuchiol it has antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-scarring, anti-inflammatory, inhibition of mitochondrial lipid peroxidation, inhibition of DNA polymerase, inhibition of papilloma formation properties
  • Bana tulasi (Ocimum sanctum): It is a potent anti-oxidant and blood purifier exhibits anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic, removes toxins from the body. The active ingredient eugenol provides anti-septic activity in healing the skin inflammation.

All these major and treasured herbs make Ayurveda a unique standalone and exceptional when compared to other modes of medicine.

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