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9 Yoga Asanas to Help Nip Hair Loss in the Bud

Who doesn’t love to be the proud owner of a headful of thick, healthy and shiny hair strands? But for many, this is just a dream and the ‘dream come true’ is also just a dream! There many reasons behind why one loses hair on a daily basis and the reasons to name a few could be hormonal imbalance, chemical exposure, environmental pollutants, no proper maintenance, salt water, improper food intake, over usage of styling products and so on.

Regardless of the reason, it is one’s health that directly influences one’s healthy hair condition. To keep yourself fit and fine, some kind of exercising is a mandate. Yoga is one such affordable exercise, which can be practiced at the comfort of your home and the resultant is maximum benefits, which you cannot expect out of those expensive gyms! Why wouldn’t you go for it then when you get good health all for FREE?

Yoga Asanas to Help Nip Hair Loss in the Bud

Below listed are 9 yoga poses which will help keeping your health intact, and thereby bring the dream come true to reality – yes, you can prevent your scalp from hair loss and have that dreamy kind of hair you always wanted to!


This is referred to as the Thunderbolt/diamond pose in the western countries and is capable of supplying loads of energy to your body. This pose involves sitting on the knees and resting back on your heels.

Then, place your palms on your thighs and face downwards. Now, with your back straight, inhale and exhale for deep breathing. Continue remaining in this position for 2 whole minutes to take the biggest benefit of keeping yourself active and energetic for a whole day.

The reason why the famous old cartoon ‘Popeye’ gulped down tins and tins of spinach said it all. Right from the young till the old, this was the most sort after cartoon. In a play way method, media taught you the purpose and importance of eating greens, otherwise called the spinach. Spinach helps maintain your cholesterol level as it is high in fiber content.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

This pose is also referred to as the dog pose and is the best stress buster for those hard working group of people. In this pose, you get to stand on a mat without curving your feet. Then rest your hands on either side of your body, which your palms should face towards your thighs. Bring your body down slowly and your palms to the ground simultaneously. Now hold your tummy in and inhale and come back to the earlier position while you exhale. This pose will enrich your scalp with blood supply, thereby preventing hair loss.


This pose is famously called the shoulder stand pose and goes like this. It starts with lying down on your back, listing your legs from the floor to a 90 degree angle and then exhale and raising your waist concurrently. You now will push your legs back beyond your head and remain the same way for a minute or two. Lie down on your back, and lift the legs from the floor to make a ninety-degree angle. Exhale and raise your waist simultaneously while pushing the legs backward beyond the head. This pose fosters blood circulation to every hair follicle.


Also referred to as the forward bending pose, this again ensures good blood circulation to your scalp and hair tips. All you will do is, stand straight, inhale the air and bend forward so that your palms will touch the ground. Stay the same way for a few seconds and then recoup to your original position. Keep repeating this set for 5-10 times for maximum benefits.


Commonly called the camel pose, this rejuvenates your blood cells. It has been advised by many great Yoga Gurus for hair loss problems. To do this asana, you will have to sit on your knees and keep the hands on the waist with your thumbs behind. Lift your body up and hold your feet with your hands. Stay in this position for 30-40 seconds for best results.


This easy Yoga exercise also called rubbing nails is an easy-to-do even at your workplace. Take some time out to curl your fingers of both the palms and face each other inwardly. Rub the nails of both the hands together as much as you can and keep doing so for 2 minutes at least. This will ensure strengthening your blood cells for maximum blood supply to your scalp and body.


This rabbit pose ensures full blood supply to each part of your hair. In this Yoga pose, you get to curl your body like a rabbit would do. You will have to sit on your knees like in the Vajrasana pose and then hold your heels with your hands. Now, slowly place your head on the ground so that the center of your scalp rests on the floor. Now life your hip slowly and hold on for 2 minutes before you restore to the vajrasana pose.


Matsya which refers to a fish is also called the fish pose. You get to lie down curling your knees and lying down flat like a fish in water. This pose will ensure even blood flow from head to toe thus preventing hair loss and good circulation of body fluids. How do you do this step, here you go: lie down straight on your back with hands below your thighs. Pressurize on your elbows and pull your stomach up. Hold on for thirty seconds and come back to the original posture.


This posture is also called the raising feet posture. When you raise your feet, the upper part of your body including your head will get a good blood flow supply. This is a recommended pose for preventing hair loss. This is how you do it: push your leg backwards while you do not life your hips. Only your legs should be raised to a 90 degree angle and then you will have to remain in the same posture for a few seconds before you put your legs down and lie flat again. While practising this pose, your hands should lie on either sides of your body with your palm facing the ground.

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