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Why Sleep Is Essential for Your Memory

Why sleep is essential for your memory

Why is sleep your power pill to living?

It is 2 am and you are still glaring at the clock wondering if you’ll ever be able to sleep in life, and when you are just done, the alarm goes ‘triiiing’ even before your body has got a quarter portion of its rest. The next morning you behave crankily and feel so very lazy to go around doing things. You want to call in sick to work and sleep the whole day. These are simply every man’s feeling when he/she is deprived of sleep. When this happens on a daily basis, then your health is at stake and you must read this article further so that you inundate yourself with more of “sleep knowledge” and convince your body to rest!

Well, a lot of theories have been thriving and revolving around how important it is to sleep. Looking at the direct reasons tell us that sleep is essential for proper functioning of the body. Sleep has a connection with the nerves and memory and a bad sleep/lack of sleep will directly have its impact on both your physical and mental health.

Students and the younger minds that are deprived of sleep have scientifically proven to perform bad while it comes to memory tests and excessive sleeplessness will relate to cognitive defects reveals many researches.

It is a known fact that a good night’s sleep is the only factor that can make you feel better. There are studies which prove that human beings can go for days together without even eating a morsel of rice; while sleeplessness puts one’s life in danger!

What will happen when you go sleepless?

  • Your heart suffers: Lack of sleep leads to raised blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the greatest risk factors for heart disease and stroke. It is essential that you get somewhere between 7 and 9 hours of sleep to beat stress out of your body and mind and let your heart not suffer!
  • Memory loss is a trait
  • Stress kills you: When you punish your body with sleeplessness, it enters a depression mode and that is termed STRESS. When you are stressed, you will not get the satisfaction of living a particular day or many days like that! This being the eternal side of stress, on the physical level, you will suffer an imbalanced hormonal secretion in your body. By giving yourself some good and cozy sleep, you break the stress circle and let your body feel happy about you!
  • Memory loss is a trait: Dream has been a subject of research and talk for a very long time now. The only fact that has been arrived at is that dreams are a collection of your memories and sleep is the only time you get to recollect such memories. Therefore, when your body is deprived of sleep you miss out on resting and it also impedes the memory processing quality of your brain.
  • Sleepless can grab away your shape: Yes, you read it right, if you do not have a proper sleeping habit, pattern and hours you will tend to lose the working capacity of leptin-the fat burning hormone. This will lead to obesity and overweight. So, if you want to stay in shape you better get some good sleep!
  • sleepless can grab away your shape
  • Smartness and replenishment go amiss: When you do not follow a proper sleeping habit, your body fails to refresh itself towards working, however interesting the work may be! Dullness on your skin and face will be the resultants of such cases. Also, your body will not feel replenished and will make you feel sick about thriving.
  • The Power of Sleep-you must have known by now. Get into best sleeping practices. If you have a problem about sleeping, practice pranayama and yoga—there are no better sleeping pills than these wonders of the world!

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