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What Sugar can do to your Brain?

Have a sweet tooth; your brain is fiddled with—realize that? This is no joke. While you have had those frizzy sugary drinks to refresh yourself, have you ever laid your eyes on the alert message down on the bottle that shouts out “Added Sugar Contains No Essential Nutrients and is Bad For Your Health”? You might have noticed it, but it’s worth repeating it a thousand times.

What Sugar can do to your Brain?

Sugar has a direct impact on your brain and that’s what we will read in detail about, in this article. What it does and how it does it all, you’ll learn in detail. Read on to keep sugar at bay. If not you, who else is so bothered about your health—abide to it.

Your Brain says ‘No Please’

There are different chemical structures of sugar and they are named glucose, fructose, sucrose etc. These different chemical compositions have varying effects on the brain and the hormones responsible for food intake.

Fructose doesn’t have the same kind of satiating capacity that glucose does and so on. These sugary compositions aggravate your brain cells rapidly without any consistency, make it ask for more and inhibit the hormonal produce that is essential in order to make you wanting for more sweets.

Your decision making capacity and presence of mind goes for a toss and is downed by 20% while you overload yourself with such sugary drinks and eatables.

The Rat Test

Like how the effect of a food on a human being is analyzed over the rats first, this subject too was tested. Franklin and co administered 24 rats, grouped into 12 each with sugary water and plain water respectively.

After a couple of days, both the groups were fed only plain water. At the end of a week’s time, the sugar water fed rats were more hyperactive and were moving around endlessly without being able to control themselves. Hyperactivity is a medical sign that your brain’s activities are changing, as per the scientists. Getting back to the normal state took a pretty long time concluded Franklin and his company. This experiment was to study the impact of such sugary substances on human brain. When the rats were at stake, so will be the humans. Your brain is your working machine, if it ends up being rapid, one’s daily activities will go amiss.

So, the conclusion is that you should get smarter and start looking for healthy alternatives to using sugar. We have suggested below a couple of such substitutes which will prevent you from the harmful effects of sugar.

Healthy Substitutes to Sugar

  • Maple syrup
  • Honey
  • Raisins
  • Grapefruit extract
  • Coconut sugar
  • Fruit juices etc.

Replace sugar, the constant companion with the above suggested healthy alternatives to choose the ‘healthy living’ way!!

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