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Turmeric for breakfast is brain tonic

An apple a day keeps a doctor away, the most famous adage. Do you know the recent and famous adage – a dash of turmeric everyday keeps your forgetfulness away!

Yes, researchers have proved that one gram of turmeric in the morning breakfast will improve your memory power abundantly and has the miraculous power to cure early stages of diabetes. It will improve your cognitive power randomly, says the research.

Turmeric, a very casually used spice, especially in Asia is yellow in color due to the pigment called curcumin and has a lot of hidden benefits for health. It has a special power when used for breakfast and you are here to read about that.

Turmeric for breakfast is brain tonic
  • Turmeric reduces the risk of dementia
  • Cures diabetes in its early stages
  • Improves memory power
  • Increases your presence of mind and cognitive power

To prove that turmeric is efficient in all the above mentioned capacities a small research was conducted over the working professionals. Here is how it went about:

A group of professionals were taken for the experiment. Their memories were tested before and after their breakfast meal (breakfast which included turmeric in it). The scientists were amazed at the results and they said this, “We found that this modest addition to breakfast improved working memory over six hours in people with pre-diabetes.” They also added up that working memory is widely thought to be one of the most important mental faculties, critical for cognitive abilities such as planning, problem solving and reasoning, which naturally were an asset to people who included turmeric in their breakfasts. Therefore, researchers concluded that including a gram of turmeric, or a teaspoon of turmeric (in layman’s terms) will be very useful in appraisal of cognition and in predicting future impairment and dementia.

- Courtesy: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Now that we know how turmeric will add onto a lot of health benefits, let us look at how to include that pinch of turmeric in all our breakfast dishes. Dish out the healthiest breakfast to your family and be a part of the cognitively challenging world.

  • In Indian breakfast recipes like upma, dosa, sambar etc. add a teaspoon of turmeric while you splutter the mustard in oil. Don’t worry if your dosa flour turns into a mild yellow, it will not change the taste in any way.
  • Make sure all your chutneys and sambar have a pinch of turmeric added to it
  • If you are a morning person who drinks milk, add a pinch of turmeric to your milk also, along with sugar. It will in fact, improve the taste of plain milk.
  • Even in sandwiches and paratas, you can always add a pinch of turmeric to the stuffing mixture.
  • Turmeric pickle is another delight you can introduce in any meal.
  • Using turmeric leaves will also impart the same benefits as turmeric and will help improve your memory power – it is in other words, a brain tonic.

Now, you know why ancestors introduced miracle herbs such as turmeric into our kitchens. Improve your memory power and lead a healthy life – join in the turmeric revolution to see a cognitively improved world.

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