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7 Tricks to Improve your Memory

Honing the memory power, sharpening the memory-retaining skills etc. are skillsets that come with a lot of practice and training. Here are seven handy tips that will help you improve your memory.

7 Tricks to Improve your Memory

Visualize before you start

Even before you start your day or start a task, visualize the way you do things. It is said that photographic memory of things help you remember about them, better. Therefore, visually imagine how would you be doing that particular task or how would you be taking your day forward. This mantra works better in reminding you of all that you’ve to do.

Trust the tradition

Don’t forget the traditional diary, alarm, and calendar. These techniques help you like your personal assistant. Carry your diary wherever you go with the list of to-do things and ensure you’re always up to it. You could also wake up from your sleep and make a note of to-dos in your favourite notebook or diary and then proceed your day from there. Keep your diary handy and keep writing things as and when you remember them, so that you’ll always be on track.

No multitasking

If you’re an all-rounder who lays your hand on many things at once, it’s time to stop it. Studies prove that people who multitask tend to forget a lot. So, do one thing at once, with full focus. This way, you won’t skip any task or to-do.

What you eat, matters

If a day’s diet doesn’t contain green leafy veggies, coloured vegetables and fruits, nuts, milk, cereals, and pulses, it means you have not eaten a proper balanced meal. If this is happening on a regular basis, the food is not serving your brain’s functions, thereby hindering the memory retention. Eating a handful of nuts, loading your plate with coloured fruits and veggies, drinking a glass of milk everyday etc. prove to be foods that stimulate your memory power.

Workout for that oxygen

Similar to how a pump of oxygen brightens up your face, it also brightens up your brain’s functions. When you work out or adapt to one form of exercise (say walking, jogging etc.), enough oxygen is pumped into your system. It helps in stimulating your brain cells, thus enhancing your memory power.

Call for the mind games

By mind games, we refer to puzzles and interesting games that require your logical side of the brain to work. There are loads of such word games and puzzles that are all over the Internet and on your smart phones. When you are bored, break the boredom with such games. By this way, you get to play during regular intervals and also train your brain!

Sleep like a baby

Sleep is the most essential part of routine for your brain to function perfectly. If you overstress it with no sleep and only activities, tiredness and fatigue could lead to memory loss. Therefore, do not compromise on your 6-8 hours of sleep for any reason. Give your brain enough rest before it is activated every day.

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