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Top Skin Care Dos and Don'ts at Night

Top Skin Care Dos and Don'ts at Night

Making your skin appears in its 20s all the time IS POSSIBLE! Yes, though you get aged along with time and ageing has its own effects on your behavior, physical appearance and especially your skin, it is very much possible to look young forever. It all depends on what good and bad you are doing to your skin. If this subject is of your interest, there’s something really handy for you in this article, read on…

The good news is that you can make all those premature lines of ageing disappear with constant and regular care, and here’s how:

  • Let your facial skin breathe! There are funny quotes that wear your makeup on while you sleep so that if some great looking guy visits your dreams, he will be impressed! This is just a joke and many people take this up as fact. Sleep plain—let go off all your makeup you wore for the day before you climb onto your bed. Remove all the makeup with a herbal makeup remover—well, if you can’t find one, use the baby oil to remove all those residues, wash your face with a mild soap/face wash, pat it dry and apply a non-greasy moisturizer and sleep plain. This will help your pores to breathe through the night while it had been concealed with makeup, whatsoever, through the day
  • Eat and Exercise: Though there tons of facial products that are available to keep your skin looking young, there is nothing like the power and glow from inside. Eat healthy fruits, veggie and proteins to keep your skin and looks young forever. Exercise and keep yourself toned. It is not false to say a toned person has more self-confidence than a person who is plumper. All the more, it is important to be drinking down 4-5 liters of water every day to keep your skin hydrated and supple.
  • Scrub your skin: Over time, many dead cells will settle on your skin. They cannot be splashed off with the normal soap or your face wash. It needs some scrubbing and this is where the role of a scrub comes. Use home-made or herbal scrubs to scrub away the dead cells of your skin and let way for the new cells to form and give you the glow. Now, now, please remember that you shouldn’t be over scrubbing your skin. Use a scrub like twice a week. Over scrubbing will let to rashes and breakouts on your skin, which you never want to have! You can make a home-made scrub with sugar and honey or oatmeal powder made into a paste with water/milk. Wash it off with a mild soap after you scrub your skin.
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  • Moisturize your skin: As mentioned earlier, once you let go off your makeup and apply your moisturizer before you sleep. Do not forget to concentrate on the under-eye area. Massage your eyes with an eye cream (preferable made out of almonds) and give that dash of moisturizing to your whole face and neck. You could also prefer to apply moisturizer to your hand and feet to avoid that “white looking feet and hands” the next day.
  • Take the beauty sleep: It is essential that you give your body the physical and mental rest for 6-8 hours a day to wake up looking fresh. If you go devoid of sleep, your skin will lose its suppleness and shine over a span of few days. This might lead to making you appear aged than what you really are! Beware!
  • Practice the CTM: Yes, in the beauty world, even those bright looking celebrities stick onto the CTM mantra like it is their religion. It is essential to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize your skin and here is what it means: Cleanse is washing your face with an apt wash. During this process, your pores open up for cleaning all the dust within. To close these pores back and make your skin firmer, your need the Toner. Applying herbal toner (like the tea tree toner) will make your skin look firmer. Just dab this this thin, transparent liquid with cotton wool onto your face and neck. And then, as mentioned, Moisturize. So, isn’t your mantra CTM yet?

The don’ts

  • Don’t ignore your neck in all these above mentioned tips. A bright face and a dull neck skin the worst combination ever.
  • Do not tan. Use proper sunblock before you step out of the house. Rain or shine, a sunblock is an essential.
  • Do not sleep with your makeup on.
  • Do not use cheap cosmetics and CTM to your facial skin.

Let your skin breathe, take care!

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