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The Lung Cleansing Benefits of Peppermint

Peppermint very well-known for its soothing and relieving effect is the best Ayurveda medicine for respiratory problems. Respiratory problems include everything from trouble in breathing, nasal blockage to asthma and other severe conditions. If you are wondering why peppermint specifically, then it is because it inhibits the growth of foreign obstacles in our body, which might include anything from a virus to bacteria. It is seen as one of the important herbs to support respiratory disorders. There have been cases of complete cure also using this Ayurvedic medicine

Lung Cleansing Benefits

How does peppermint work?

Peppermint leaves contain something called rasmarinic acid. This belongs to the phenol group of chemicals and contains menthol and menthone, the most effective ingredients against respiratory issues. The same chemicals are formulated in the form of capsules and pills in the other form of medicines. This is where Ayurveda marks its difference – it treats the disease with the source of the medicine and also treats the core of the disease, so that one can get rid of it very soon.

The quality of peppermint leaves also makes a difference when it comes to treating respiratory problems. Only when the leaf contains around 70% menthol and other micro ingredients like Vitamins A, C, copper, potassium, inositol, niacin, iron, iodine, sulfur and silicon, it will have its maximum effect on the issue.

While consumed, peppermint acts immediately against the harmful organisms and produces an antioxidant to fight against these foreign bodies. This is how it defends your body from respiratory issues.

What kind of respiratory problems does peppermint cure?

Having said that peppermint is the best cure for respiratory problems, you must also know which kind of problems you can avoid when you consume this Ayurvedic medicine. All type of respiratory allergies that leads to a throat or nose block, congestion problems in your bronchi and lungs, trouble in breathing etc. are the major areas that peppermint can act on, effectively. With its antihistamine effect along with a strong cooling action of methanol, it dissolves the congestion in your lungs. It can treat extreme cases of pneumonia too.

Asthma and peppermint

Next comes the major disease “Asthma”. This disease has not known of a permanent cure for this long. Asthma occurs due to prolonged accumulation of mucus in one’s lungs and chest, which makes it difficult to breathe, on the extreme levels. Since peppermint leaves and its extracts like peppermint powder, peppermint oil etc. have a capacity to dissolve the mucus, long time asthma can also be cured with peppermint.

Sinusitis and peppermint

When you have a chronic form of sinus or even an initial stage of sinus, you will suffer from heaviness and unexplainable uncomfortableness. When you seek the cure of peppermint in such health conditions, it will act as a decongestant, expectorant, antiviral and astringent and will relieve you of sore throat, dry cough, cold and nasal congestion.

You can also choose to have peppermint tea for instant relief from blocked nasal passage. To prepare this, you can add fresh peppermint leaves to your tea decoction. If you are not a tea person, you can choose to boil your drinking water along with a few fresh peppermint leaves, strain the extracts, cool this mixture and use it in the place of your drinking water. This will not only give you an external relief, but will also cure you from inside out. Also, peppermint tea lubricates the respiratory tract and helps bring out the thick and dried phlegm from the lungs and bronchi.

What should you care about?

Though peppermint has been identified effective, you must also know that when essential oils like peppermint oil are used in overdose, it can upset your stomach and can intervene with the production of digestive hormones. Here is when you should be careful about the dosage and form of peppermint you are consuming. Practice limits for its intake and it is best to consult an Ayurvedic specialist before you indulge in consuming peppermint for cure. Ensure that the peppermint oil or powder you buy is purely from an organic and trustable brand. Any other source of peppermint from an unknown brand and make will harm you.

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