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7 Surprising Benefits of Running

Run, run and run towards the goal of weight loss, is that you? You have started running to lose some considerable weight from your body? Then, congratulations! You’ve identified one of the most effective ways towards slashing down the weight big time.

7 Surprising Benefits of Running

Running is extremely efficient and is the best way to burn calories in a jiffy. You strain more and give yourself the fullest when you run—the result, you lose weight in a very less time than you thought you can! When you look into the mirror in a few days’ time, you see a thinner you and that’s simply amazing!!.

What are the other benefits you gain other than weight loss? Read here.

Running puts a smile on you: Have you heard of the ‘runner’s high’? It is a rush of the feel good hormones that every runner experiences and knows of. This kind of feeling will constantly help in uplifting your mood throughout the day when you have started the day with running. To add more, it has proved to even recover patients from a major depression disorder!.

 running reinforces your bones and joints

If you start running, you face the addition towards it like a drug addict does—it is more than true and you will know it only when you experience it. If you start running to keep yourself fit, you will never be able to stop yourself at any time and any point—even if it scorching hot outside or pouring cats and dogs outside, you will keep sneaking through the window to see when’s the right time to run.

Running reinforces your bones and joints: Running increases your bone mass and helps people recover from bone related diseases. When you run, you automatically feed your bones, muscles and joints with surplus oxygen content and so they get to breathe!.

There are research proofs that arthritis patients show of history of never running and those who are addicted to running never show a symptom of even osteoarthritis (a minor form of arthritis comparatively) in their future! This tells you how much your bones and joints; more than you, need running.

Eat how much ever you want to and whatever you want to: Isn’t that amazing to know that running burns down calories like nothing and so you could go on a feast once in a while! When you have to hog out with your friends and swing by some nice restaurant, you don’t have to fear the calorie mass like the dieter’s do and get entitled to some comment like, “common, you can eat once in a while man, it will do no harm!” .

Running gets you eating the delicious recipes out there in the restaurants and burns it down in no minutes!!

Live long: Did you think that was a blessing from someone? Yeah, you were right! It was the blessing of the activity called ‘running’. It gives you the boon of living longer-keeps you fit with diseases at the bay. What more do you need for a longer life?.

Enjoy the compliments: Runners tend to attain a sexy ‘back’ while they continue the activity for a period of time. Even skinny jeans will propitiate your sexiness—go for it!

 Get the sleep bliss

Stay Beautiful: When you run, you sweat; you sweat more than what you can imagine! This is when all the toxins from your body are flushed out and so acnes and pimples are entirely new words to you. Your skin will glow and glitter without any make up on!.

Get the sleep bliss: When you run, you get to adapt to regular sleep timings. Your quality of sleep increases by multifold and you can become the admiration of others. Why miss it? Sleep is an always-craved-for attribute; don’t you want it, when you can really sleep like a baby?.

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