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7 Superfoods to Sharpen Memory

When there’s a deficiency of nutrients in your food, it is just not your body that suffers, but also your brain. It all starts with forgetting where you kept your car keys and slowly progression to forgetting your “to-do” list every day. Therefore, it is essential to include these 7 superfoods or the recommended Ayurvedic medicines for memory boosting:

Superfoods to Sharpen Memory

Go “O” for omega-3 fatty acids

There’s a plenty of omega-3 in sea foods, especially the salmon variety of fish. If you are a vegan, your support comes from fish oil capsules or broccoli. With enormous quantities of DHA to help you, sharpen your memory and improve your brain’s cell stimulation process.

Go blue with berries

Yes, we are talking about the wonderful memory booster – blueberries. With loads of antioxidants in them, this fruit minimises oxidative stress and improves oxygen supply to brain. It strengthens your brain’s nerves and enhances your memory and reasoning power. Snack on these fruits and astonish people with your striking memory power.

Nut, nut which nut do you choose?

Your game of nuts begins with almonds and walnuts. A handful of both of these contain Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and polysaturated fats. These nutritive properties improves your memory power and helps you stay more focused. An excellent memory booster, nuts are an excellent choice to quench your hunger pranks.

Did you seed your brain with goodness today?

We are talking about pumpkin and flax seeds which are recommended ayurvedic medicine for memory boosting. They help in stimulating your brain cells, detoxifying your toxins and thereby increasing the blood supply and zinc to your brain. They also help you in losing weight without much effort. What more can you ask for when just sprinkling these seeds onto your milkshake or salad reduces your weight and makes you the “sharp” one in the lot!

Serve the dessert to your brain

Honey is your brain’s dessert. Enriched with the proper proportion of glucose and fructose and enough iron content, it increases the blood supply and oxygen supply to your brain cells. It also helps beat stress and fatigue. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and thus helps purify your blood.

Food for thought, beets for brain

Beets, otherwise called beetroot unfortunately is not everyone’s favourite foods list. But, there are many interesting recipes to incorporate this superfood to your recipe. Google has a lot for you to explore on, so find the right beetroot recipe for your family and give them the “food for thought”. Beets are known to boost your haemoglobin levels and thereby increase the blood circulation to the brain and other parts of the body.

Drive your brain with dark chocolate

Those gooey bits of dark chocolate load your brain with antioxidants and prove to the best stress buster when stress is overwhelmingly eating you. They increase and sharpen your brain cells and make you more focussed. What better than eating away and indulging in chocolates to perform at your best and get away with stress?!

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