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Stomach Bacteria May Protect Against Obesity

A sand clock figure has always been a dream for many women out there. Fitness programs, yoga, walking, the tiring treadmill etc. hasn’t done an overnight change to anyone. All these external equipment that we depend on to cut down on that extra flesh is sometimes too tiring and keeping a list of what you eat and don’t is another sick job to do.

Stomach Bacteria may Protect against Obesity

That being said, good news has come through—natural bacterium which is almost present in everyone’s digestive system can give you that ‘dreamy’ figure! Yes, the talks are about Helicobacter pylori (referred to as H pylori).

It is said that this bacteria which is found in your digestive system can help cut down on your weight. A natural source seems fascinating right, let’s read on to know what nature has in store for us. H pylori is that bacteria which causes stomach ulcers—but a new research has revealed that this bacteria has a strong connection to one’s weight!

So, when that infected person is treated with medicines that fight against H pylori, he/she gains weight! So, the culprit is the medicine that acts against H pylori or the presence of this bacterium inside your digestive system, probably why you are overweight.

It has been studied globally that though 50% of the population all across the world is susceptible to H pylori, only 20% out of the lot will experience symptoms. Getting yourself checked for the incidence of H pylori in your stomach can reveal the reason behind why you are obese or overweight.

Hence, not only obesity complaints are on the raise in the developing world, but the rates of H pylori are also on the uptrend.

To keep away from such stomach infections and bacteria, try the following tips at home:

  • Start your day with warm water and lemon juice
  • Indulge in eating veg salads and fruits
  • Stick to the nuts while you feel like snacking
  • Go in for black tea/green tea/white tea instead of coffee or normal tea
  • Get used to herbal products which won’t harm your health
  • When you have minor health complaints, try using ancient grand mom’s techniques to treat them with herbs instead of running to a doc
  • Chew cumin seeds whenever you can
  • Go in for buttermilk and tender coconut instead of those artificial juices and drinks
  • Add a pinch of asafetida and turmeric powder in all your recipes to keep diseases at bay

All these ancestral tips will develop immunity in you and naturally, you will be away from those dangerous stomach infections and bacterium. There is no better prevention than mother nature, abide to it.

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