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7 Habits for Weight Loss Success

Dieting and losing weight is a known concept among everyone today. The question comes when a few of them are successfully able to lose weight after dieting, while a few are not able to, no matter how determined and controlled they stay about their food habits.

Times like this put us in confusion as to what the other dieters do so differently that we aren’t following. Well, if you want to have a higher impact of weight loss and want to lose weight more than what the others do, here are 7 habits you must customize yourself to:

Weight Loss Success

1. Follow an exercise schedule as routine

If you have adapted yourself to walking or running or even abs workouts, follow your exercise schedules at least 5-6 days in a week. Stick on to your favorite form of exercise and keep working on it vigorously day by day. Do not keep a set of exercises that you can swap around and play with. Stick to a common workout structure, in a nutshell.

2. Hog on your breakfast

You must have always heard the saying, “have your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.” This comes to say that the heaviest part of your meal should be your breakfast. Include a nutritiously stuffed breakfast which will be filling and leave you active for the rest of the day. Follow it up with a light lunch, healthy snacks and light dinner. Heavy breakfast is the top secret that successful dieters follow. If you skip breakfast to lower down your calories, you will never lose weight for sure.

3. Eat often, eat portions

If you are dieting to lose weight, it simply doesn’t mean you should starve. It just means you have to break down on the quantity of your meal and eat very often, than filling up your tummy with heavy food at one go. See to that you eat quality food split up into many times. If you do this, you will also have the feeling that you are not on an empty stomach and you’re able to eat as often as possible. This will also keep you in control of not having your hands on junk food like snacks and aerated drinks.

4. Stick to your basic food

It is the habit of some people to try a completely different cuisine just because it is light on their tummies. This leads them to crave for their favorite cuisine and so when they get their chance, they hog on it, adding up to the calorie bag at one go. All the determination for a long period will go in vain when you control yourself from a cuisine that you are used to and comfortable with. You must just see to that you take in healthy stuff from your most favorite cuisine, and break into portions and have it all day long. This is the best possible way to lose weight than to try an entirely different cuisine that you’re forcing yourself into, or you are not at all comfortable with!

5. Keep a track of your calories

There are many apps and websites today that come handy in entering the food you eat and counting the number of calories. These apps basically ask for your height, weight and motto of losing weight and throw out a calorie number that you will have to stick to on a daily basis. Later, you will have to keep entering the quantity of whichever food you had, and it will keep adding up your calories. You can keep an eye on your calorie intake level for the day and restrict yourself from eating overly fat foods.

6. Understand your emotions to arrive at your dieting pattern

Every person that hogs on food overeats or under-eats have an emotional factor ruling their appetite. Those who want to maintain their sand clock figure consciously have it that they must eat lesser and their emotions also cope up with this feeling. Those who are used to eating too much of food in terms of quantity are also emotionally ruled. The emotion of these people is directly proportional to their happiness: the more the food, the happier they are. This might be due to some depressing factor in their life, which had made them lean towards food and happiness as a vent. Such problems must be addressed by experts and dealt with carefully.

7. A close friend always helps

When you have set yourself some goal to lose weight, you will always be surrounded with people who will make fun of you, tease you and let you not do what you’re aiming towards. Such people create that negative aura around you. Therefore, it is better to stay with people who know you really well and can support your feelings of weight loss. These kinds of people might also restrict you from eating calorific food, even if you lose your control and cool! A friend in need is a friend indeed!!

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