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18 Safe Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Have you been craving for your most favorite fondant or chicken fry yet? Afraid to add on to your calories because burning them would be Himalayan task? Here are 18 remedies you can practise from the comfort of your house, which will turn out to be safe too. No fear of side effects, go on:

18 Safe Home Remedies for Weight Loss

1. Carrots and beans

Include these vegetables in your daily salad because they are fibrous by nature. They will give you a high satiety level and make you feel energetic.

2. Cucumber

If you have wanted to crunch on an instant snack, choose cucumbers. Now that the summers are approaching, cucumbers will dawn their cooling effect on you as well.

3. Papaya

When it comes to fruits which can give you taste and health, then papaya tops the list. It is good both for its carotenoid content and fiber content.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very good weight watchers. Even the GM diet depends on tomatoes on an entire day for weight loss.

5. Honey and lemon

If you’ve heard of fitness freaks who start off their days with honey and lemon in warm water, then admire and learn from them. This is the best combo to lose weight.

6. Green tea

Known both for its antioxidant power to cleanse your body inside out, green tea will also help fight free radicals in your body. It will promote healthy weight loss and take care of your heart health too.

7. Apple cider vinegar

Not only for your skin and hair, but also for your body’s needs you can reply on apple cider vinegar. Mix it equal proportions of water and vinegar to get rid of the unnecessary fat build up in your body.

8. Parsley leaves

Best known for its fiber quality, parsley leaves will increase the performance of breakdown and assimilation of nutrients in your body. These factors will enhance your digestive health, and your overall weight loss, in turn.

9. Cabbage

This leafy vegetable can be the best hunger quencher. You can eat it raw or steamed and make it an important part of your salads and soups.

10. Capsicum

The bell peppers contain a pigment called capsaicin which will burn your fat and calories instantly. This crunchy and spicy vegetable can spice up your food and make it more interesting and favorable.

11. Bottle guard

Another green vegetable you can rely on is bottle guard. Watery gravy or a dry and spicy curry of bottle guard will not only pamper your taste buds but will also burn your calories in no time.

12. Cranberries

These berries are rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin is essential for enhancing your digestive health. When the nutrients in your body are broken down and absorbed in a better way, your heart health and weight management will improve as well.

13. Peaches

These fruits are rich in Vitamin C and fiber content. They will also help detoxify your body for unnecessarily accumulated toxins.

14. Oatmeal

Oats are very famous for weight management. Hogging on a bowl of oats for your breakfast or dinner will help cut down on your calorie intake in a great way.

15. Apples

Rich in starchy content, apples can meet your calorific requirement and at the same time help keep a tab on your intake. It will make you feel full and satiated. Therefore, your rice intake will considerably lower down.

16. Exercise and yoga

Apart from the food you rely on, you must also sincerely stick on to cardiovascular exercises or yoga to burn down those calories quickly and safely. A physical activity is definitely required for your body.

17. Water

The best fluid that can replace your cravings for food is water. The more water you drink, the more of calories your burn. Water is essential to flush away the toxins and burnt fats from your body. It is best to go by warm water than plain or cold water.

18. Quinoa and ragi

Quinoa and ragi (finger millets) are the best foods that can replace your rice intake. You can cook these grains and replace your rice with it. Very low in calorific value, they will also add to your iron and calcium content in the body.

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