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Regimen of Food and Drinks

The food and drinks consumed in a proper manner are helpful for satisfying the senses and bestowing long life. The strength, growth, nourishment, intelligence and health depends on the quality and quantity of food what we consume.

Seven factors to be considered before eating the food

  • Nature of the food (Svabhava) - Specific quality of food like rain water, old rice, green gram.
  • Admixture (Samyoga) - mixing of two or more substances together. This union produces special effects not present in individual substances.
  • Processing (Samskara) - Method of contact with water and fire, churning, washing
  • Quantity (Matra) - Total quantity of food to be consumed.
  • Habitat (Desa) - Refers to both the region in which the article of food is grown and also to the region where the user lives.
  • Season (Kala) - Time of food intake.
  • Mode of use (Upayogavyavastha) - How to use

Ayurvedic Table Manners

  • Always have food after taking bath and dress up well, with the pleasant mind devoid of tension and hurry.
  • Take food from own hand not with spoons, after cleaning the hands, feet and mouth.
  • Eat the food, sitting comfortably facing east with a pleasant mind, served by clean, affectionate, and obedient people.
  • Food which is not contaminated with hair, flies etc, which is freshly prepared (not made hot for second time), not very hot, not overcooked, prepared well with too much of interest in it should be taken.
  • Food which is not suitable for the individual, and unknown (not familiar, not belongs to our country) should be avoided.
  • Food should contain oil/ghee, be easily digestible and warm.
  • Avoid Stale food except meat, pickles.
  • Do not consume food which is preserved from the previous day except curd, honey, ghee, liquid foods containing flour, soured whey and pudding prepared from milk.
  • Food should not be eaten very leisurely or very hurriedly.
  • Foods which are watery or dry, hard to digest, sweet and fatty should be consumed in the beginning; those which are sour and salty should be in the middle and those which are non–fatty liquids in the end.
  • As Anupana (after-drink) water is the best because it is the chief source of all tastes, it is accustomed to all living beings, possess all the qualities of sustaining life. Avoid carbonated drinks after meals.
  • Drink cold water after consuming curd, honey, barley, wheat in Autumn and Summer season.
  • Water should be taken hot after consuming foods prepared from corn flour which are hard to digest and during winter season.
  • Should not speak or laugh while eating.
  • Don’t eat very late in the evening or very early in the morning, in a very open place, in sun light, in darkness, under a tree, lying in bed.
  • Should not take food without bath, without putting any cloths, without offering to the God, birds, and animals maintained in the house.
  • Don’t dump the stomach with large amount of food, half of the stomach should be filled with solid foods, one quarter by liquids and another quarter should be left for air to move freely.
  • Clean the hands well to remove the remnants of food, clean the teeth by toothpick to remove the residue of food, if any. Gargle the mouth with water to keep the mouth clean without any remnants of food.
  • If you feel to sleep, recline comfortably on your left side, this helps to digestion.
  • If you have taken liquid food, don’t sleep for long.
  • Avoid swimming, basking in the sun, riding jerky vehicles.

Why Ayurvedic Table manners should be followed?

It is mentioned in the ayurvedic texts that the people who always follow the above regimen of foods and drinks shall surely obtain strength similar to the statue, do not suffer from even minor diseases and surely attain a life more than one hundred years.

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