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Refreshing Beauty Secrets of Watermelon that Your Skin would Love

“Red”, the color of heat is beaten off by the red fruit “watermelon”. Delicious and tempting to the eyes, this fruit can cool your body down like anything! Not only is it attractive to one’s eyes, but is also damn good for one’s skin and health. Let’s look at a variety of benefits that watermelon can give:

Beauty Secrets of Watermelon
  • The best anti-ageing ingredient: With Vitamins A and C and lycopene in abundance in watermelon, anti-ageing comes as a compliment to your skin. Eating watermelon slices over a period of years will ensure you look way younger than your original age.
  • The Ayurvedic and natural toner: While Ayurveda stresses on use of naturally available fruits, veggies and plants, watermelon happens to be the Ayurvedic toner. If you have large unclosed pores, try patting your face with watermelon juice and you will instantly feel that your skin and pores tighten up.
  • Keeps your skin moisturized: Eating a lot of watermelon salad, drinking its juice and applying plain watermelon juice will keep your skin hydrated and replenished from within. Your skin will never feel dry and patchy even during peak winters.
  • Clear skin is just a fruit away: When you keep hogging on slices of watermelon often, you will find that all your acne and pimples clear out in a period of time. Clear skin will be the results, what better happiness could you ask for!
  • Natural tan removal: When you are suffering of sunburns, natural remedy in the form of watermelons is very much by your side. This summer fruit is just grown timely. Rub raw pieces of watermelon on sunburns and you’ll see them wading away from your skin like magic!
  • The sleep granter: Serotonin, the sleep hormone is induced and stimulated for production when you have watermelon. The polysaccharide carbohydrates in watermelon are the main reason behind this. When serotonin is produced and regularized seamlessly, sleep will be a boon. When you sleep well, your skin will shine.
  • Your dieting pill: If you are looking for instant solutions on losing weight and diet pills are grabbing your attention, then don’t splurge on them. Instead, watermelon can do a lot better than these fat burning pills and get you the dreamy figure in no time. Replacing watermelon for at least 2 meals in a day will bring very beneficial results to you.
  • Those glowing pair of pearls: When you keep eating watermelon over a period of time, all the beta carotene source from this fruit gets converted into Vitamin A. This vitamin is most essential for sharp and good eyesight. You will get rid of all those dark circles under your eyes and have absolutely glowing and attractive eyes for sure!
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