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Nilavembu kudineer Chooranam

  • Nilavembu kudineer
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Nilavembu kudineer:

Nilavembu kudineer is a poly herbal formula controls all types of fever associated with body ache. It controls fever in a comprehensive way through its healing effects of temperature regulation, inflammation control and body pain relief. Synergistic action of this herbal combination relieves all types of fever irrespective of the type of causative organism. It exhibits potent antiviral activity against viruses causing Dengue and Chikungunya fever. It is also effective in fevers caused by infective organism such as Typhoid and Malaria. In fevers associated with inflammatory conditions such as abscess it counteracts with the inflammation and reduces body temperature.

Actions of Nilavembu kudineer:

  • Antipyretic- Reduces fever and bring backs the normal body temperature
  • Anti-inflammatory- controls infection caused by the pathogens.
  • Analgesic- Relieves body aches.
  • Body cleansing- Detoxes the blood, liver and spleen for pathogenic endotoxins.


Equal parts of:

  • Peyputtal (Trichosanthes cucumerina)
  • Koraik kilanku(Cyperus rotandus)
  • Cukku (Zingeber officinale)
  • Milaku (Piper nigrum)
  • Parpatakam (Mollugo cerviana)

Direction to prepare Kashayam:

Boil 12.5 gms (2 to 3 tsp Approx.) of powder with 250 ml of water till the decoction is concentrated to 60 ml. Take 30 to 60 ml of this warm decoction twice a day in empty stomach. Add honey or Palm jaggery or sugar candy to enhance the taste. Read more

Dose: 30 to 60 ml


All types of fever (Dengue/Chikungunya)

Fever associated with shivering

Fever associated with inflammation

Ingredients of Nilavembuk Kudinir:

Nilavempu (Andrographis paniculata)

Nilavembu is widely known as the king of bitter herbs. It is a natural antipyretic herb reduces body temperature. It eliminates toxic metabolites brought by the pathogens by stimulating liver detoxification.

Vettiver (Vetiveria zizanioides)

Vettiver is a small grass variety popularly known for its aroma. Its peculiar refreshing aroma regains health. Its cooling property provides enough hydration inside the body and relieves thirst. It helps in eliminating pathogenic waste materials through sweat and urine.

Vilamiccam ver(Vetiveria zizanioides)

This is an exceedingly coolant herb helpful in reducing the body heat both internally and externally. It reduces fever by inducing perspiration. It is also best known for its anti-inflammatory action that relieves pain and burning sensation associated with fever.

Cantanam(Santalum album)

Sandal wood is a sacred herb useful in therapeutic as well as spiritual activities. Its bitter and cooling properties reduces body temperature in fever .It elevates the mood and creates sense of wellbeing thus helps in speedy recovery from fever.

Peyputtal (Trichosanthes cucumerina)

This bitter herb is best known for its liver protection. Along with fever reduction it helps in detoxing the blood for infective organisms.

Koraik kilanku(Cyperus rotandus)

Dried rhizomes of this herb controls systemic inflammations and reduce fever. Its psycho somatic stimulant action elevates mental and physical wellbeing to tolerate the ill effects of fever.

Cukku(Zingeber officinale)

Dried rhizomes of ginger increases saliva secretion and provide antibacterial protection to entire digestive system. It stimulates the secretion of gastric enzyme to recover appetite and digestion.

Milaku(Piper nigrum)

Black pepper one of the cooking spices of India holds tremendous healing qualities. It neutralizes the endotoxins and detoxifies pathogenic remnants from liver and blood. Its hot potency deactivates microbes and enhances body immunity to prevent recurrence of fever.

Parpatakam-(Mollugo cerviana)

It is an antiseptic herb counteracts septic inflammations with in the body. It induces sweating to lower the body temperature. It helps in digestion and proper elimination of bowels to complete the body cleansing.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

When Nilavembu kudineer can be taken?

It can be taken two times a day, morning and evening in empty stomach before taking food.

Why it is to be taken in empty stomach?

In an empty stomach, rate of absorption is more than after taking food. Hence Nilavembu kudineer being a concentrated liquid medium it has been prescribed only in empty stomach to facilitate more absorption of medicaments.

Why it should be mixed with honey or palm jaggery or sugar candy?

To enhance the taste and to mask the bitterness of the herbs it should be mixed with any one of these sweet substances .This method also avoids dropping of blood sugar (hypoglycemia) in Diabetic patients.

Can it be taken in Dengu fever?

Yes, Nilavembu kudineer can be taken in Dengue fever. Its healing effect on dengue has been approved by various clinical researches .As dengue is initiated by the bite of dengue virus carrying mosquitos , Nilavembu kudineer the herbal antiviral formula deactivates the pathogenic dengue viruses and brings back normal body temperature .This formula provides enough hydration to eliminate pathogenic waste materials through sweat and urine.

What is Chikungunya? Is this formula effective in Chikungunya?

It is a kind of infection caused by Chikungunya virus. Mosquito are the carriers when biting the humans it injects these viruses in to human blood and produces symptoms of fever, severe body pain, fatigue and nausea. It may cause long term symptoms like muscle pain, joint pain and physical weakness after one year of acute infection.

Nilavembu kudineer natural blend of strong antiviral herbs neutralizes Chikungunya virus and also eliminates its toxins from the blood. It improves body immunity against this specific virus hence recurrent Chikungunya attack and its long term symptoms can be avoided with Nilavembu kudineer.

Nilavembu kudineer Chooranam