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Natural Treatments and Home Remedies for Piles

The inflammation and bleeding around your anal canal is referred to as piles/hemorrhoids. The feeling of itchiness, irritation, and pain while you defecate your body off the waste, are just side effects of piles. While many of them head to the doc in first instance of piles with an alarm, they just stick to the medications, which only leads the body to accumulate more heat (produced by the pills) and worsens the condition. Though this disease calls for medical attention, natural home remedies also play an important role in curing your body from the torture of piles.

Below listed are the natural remedies that you can follow from the comfort of your home to get rid of piles. These small and not much time consuming treatments at home will definitely bring you relief, permanently. Try these and let us know how you felt, also enlighten us with more such home-based remedies that you try to keep yourself away from the pain of piles.

Natural Treatments and Home Remedies for Piles
  • The Ice-cold Compress
  • When you have a popping acne or zit on your skin, you try and compress it with coolants, such as ice packs and aloevera gel. The ice-cold compress works with the same motive to calm down the irritation and soothe the inflammation on your hemorrhoids. It will reduce the swelling in the inflamed area and help you pass stools in an easier manner. Wrap up some ice cubes in a clean cloth and apply the cold compress directly over the inflamed area. Doing this a couple of times in a day will keep you away from the pain and irritation.

  • Start your Day with Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Apple cider vinegar helps treat both external and internal hemorrhoids. If you have piles on the external surface of your anal canal, then dip a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and apply it to the affected area. If you’re suffering from internal piles irritation, then start your day with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar stirred up in a glass of lukewarm water. It will subside the pain, bleeding, and ease your bowel activity.

    A sign of caution: When you apply apple cider vinegar (cotton ball dipped) on the external inflamed area, you might feel a strong sting/burning sensation. This will be very temporary and will cure you off the itchiness and discomfort. The stinging sensation will fade away in a couple of minutes.

  • Do the Fiber Haul
  • With piles, you must by now be knowing that your body craves for fibers to get rid of your body wastes, easily. Without fibers, constipation adds up to your already present piles inflammation and makes life tougher. Therefore, choose fibrous foods and they will enhance your digestive process. Absorption of nutrients will be better done by your body, when you help it with fiber intake. Include all the veggies, fruits, cereals, and pulses that are rich in fiber content.

  • Soak yourself
  • It is a proven fact that floating in the water takes off the stress from your system. Similarly, when you have a hemorrhoid inflammation that takes the edge out of you, fill a tub with warm water and sit inside of it. Ensure that your inflamed region is exposed to a nice amount of warm water. Warm water soothes your inflamed area and helps you relax. It also helps cut down on the itchiness and gives you some peace. If you can’t get to sit in a tub, then soak a clean towel in warm water and apply the same in the affected area.

  • Finally, the Water
  • Don’t deprive your body of water. The more you hydrate yourself with water, your body’s digestive process will become easier, stress-free, and perfect to the T. Here’s another small tip, don’t use dry tissues to clean yourself in the inflamed areas, rather use a medicated wet tissues, if you can’t get hold of water. Therefore, keep drinking water as much as you can!

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