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Losing weight fast, quick, and safe –the natural way!

Sweating it out there with no fluctuations on your weighing machine? Someone told you stubborn fat can’t be burnt? And your weighing machine is proving them right? Don’t panic, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and won’t happen if you don’t take the right steps towards it. If you think just dieting/working out will bless you with a sand clock figure, then you’re wrong.

Taking it your way and taking it the nature’s way will be the best ways out. Here is the secret to do it the nature’s way.

Losing weight fast, quick, and safe

Do it one at a time

If you think you can do it all at once, you’ll fail miserably – for example, if you take a resolution that you’ll start your day with lime water, workout, eat right, cut on carbs, do some cardio- all at once, you won’t stick to it for more than 2 days!

Take one at a time. If you want to start your day with lemon and honey in lukewarm water, stick to that for a week’s time. Try not to forget the habit for at least one week. The next week, start it up with going for a walk or jog. Then, the next with planning for your diet. In the process, don’t skip out on the previous habits. Keep adding to it.

If you take it all gradually week-by-week, you’ll be able to do it all together perfectly. You’ll be stunned to look at what you eat and what you do in one single day after you get used to the whole drill in a couple of months. And, weight loss will follow in no time.

Here’s a list of things you can do week on week, in detail.

  • Week 1- Bring it on with warm water
  • Time to stock up on lemons, because life has given you lemons! Jokes apart, squeeze in a medium-sized lemon into one glass of lukewarm water. Add a full teaspoon of honey into it. This combo mobilizes your fat and makes your body exercise-ready. Once you do this for a week’s time and then start up with walking/workout, it will help your body burn the fat sooner. Follow this combo with your breakfast or morning tea only after half an hour’s gap!

  • Week 2-week 1 + Sweat it out, buddy!
  • So, here starts your walking/exercising drill. First, start up with simple and doable workouts – like walking or jogging, depending on your body type. Stick to the routine for at least 3 days/week and increase it to 5 days/week. Your body needs 2 days of rest, mandatorily. If you run into a gym and enroll yourself for a membership, it might turn out to be a hole in your pocket. Reason, you might not be able to work out in a gym or your body might resist it.

    So, start your working out regimen with a brisk-paced walk, gradually, take it up to slow jogging or a combination of walking and jogging. This will help your body in getting used to exercising. Depending on how stable you’re doing it, you can decide if you really want to get into a gym.

  • Week 3- Week 1 + 2 + Watch those calories
  • So, watching your calories doesn’t mean cutting them all at once and then craving for them. This will only lead to hogging on your favorite food when you get the chance to. So if you’ve been a rice-eater all your life, don’t let your rice go. Just cut it down to one time of rice and the other two times, something healthier. For example, replace your Pongal (made of rice) with broken wheat upma. And, replace your plate of rice for dinner with 3 soft phulkas and half a cup of rice. Doing such things will not bring that craving inside of you. And, do snack. Even if it’s the oil-fried variety, don’t say no, take a bite and stop it there. Don’t go further. Instead, don’t starve your body with not even a piece of it.

    Teach your body to control the cravings. If you totally resist it from eating stuff you’ve been loving all your life, both your mind and body will search for an opportunity to cheat you when you see a variety of food spread. Slowly, gradually, but stubbornly watch your calories, accompanied by your morning lime water and workout. You’ll see yourself slimming down every month!

  • Week 4 onwards: Week 1 + 2 + 3 + Determination
  • This week onwards, which is approximately by the month end, you’ll see yourself doing everything – starting your day healthy, working out, and eating healthy. Now is the time to stay determined, focused, and at the same time give your body the right break at the right time.

    Don’t stop yourself or don’t let anyone stop you from what you’re doing. Give your body a break and the reason to feed yourself with favorite food once in a week. Let’s keep it 2 cheat meals and not 2 cheat days – many of you out there take it to 2 cheat meals and see the weighing needle go back to the place it started from—all during the weekend!

    So, if you’ve decided not to work out during the weekends, feast yourself with cheat meals twice – once on Saturday and once on Sunday. This way, both your mind and body will be satisfied and will give you the fuel to exercise on Monday again.

All that said and done, when are you starting champ! Do it the right way – the nature’s way and you’ll see yourself in shape in no time at all!

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