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Lack of Vitamin D Causes Brain Damage

Vitamin D, which is one of the vital nutrients in the A, D, E and K list, is considered very important. In the Asian countries, people would have never even heard of this deficiency because they have the sun shining strong all the time. However, those who are from the colder places of the world very frequently undergo Vitamin D deficiency. Though it is common in the colder places, its effects are very fatal and brain damage is one of the reasons.

In a recent study done in a medical college in UK, middle-aged rats were fed a diet low in vitamin D for several months. They developed free radical damage to the brain, and many different brain proteins were damaged as identified by redox proteomics. These rats also showed a significant decrease in cognitive performance on tests of learning and memory. (Credentials: University of Kentucky findings on Vitamin D deficiency)

So, for those who have a deficiency of vitamin D in their bodies can try to do the following and get rid of the fatal side effects:

Vitamin D Causes Brain Damage

1. Walk in the mornings

Walking daily in the morning is the first and the foremost Ayurvedic treatment for memory loss and vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D also called the “sunshine vitamin” is very much available in the morning times however cold your country might be. Just pop out from your balcony or patio and you will see that slightest ray of sunlight trying to reach you among all the cold clouds. The Sun is trying to give you his best. It’s time you realize it and step out for a short walk. Walking will not only refill the Vitamin D levels in your body but will also strengthen your heart muscles and make you lose weight faster. Bone problems like arthritis and cramps will be at bay when you start being consistent with walking.

2. Take cod liver oil capsules

Cod liver oil capsules were very famous vitamin supplements in the ancient times and there was no one who didn’t know the pioneer brand name of cod liver oil “Seven Seas”. Cod liver oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and does a lot good to your body. It is full of vitamins A, D, E and K and is essential to keep your body fit and fine. Take cod liver oil supplements in your daily regimen. These tablets do not have any chemicals in them and are just the capsule form of the oil. If you get the oil directly, indulge in having a teaspoon of this oil on a daily basis.

3. Milk magic

Milk is another important ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine. Milk is a whole source of Vitamin D apart from the proteins and calcium it offers to the body. A cup of milk introduces about 100 UIs of Vitamin D to your body and has other nutritional values that your body needs.

4. Salmon

If you are non-vegan, then there’s nothing better than Salmon fish to recoup your Vitamin D levels in the body. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E and K, salmon is the best fish you can ever have.

5. Mushrooms

Vegans are not left down. We have the wonderful edible mushrooms which are rich in Vitamin D content. It was revealed in a study that while white mushrooms were placed under ultraviolet B rays for a while, the vitamin D content in them gets increased by a huge 400%. So, when people consume mushrooms, they will never face a deficiency in Vitamin D. You can also choose to make different recipes using mushroom and even bake them and use it in your salad or sandwich.

Follow these Ayurvedic tips for increasing your Vitamin D content and you’ll never face a deficiency again!

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