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5 Key Strategies for Running to Lose Weight

Running is a clear cut way to lose weight. You might have tried your hands on various exercise and food regimens to shed those pounds—have you ever thought of running? If not, you should consider running as the most vigorous form of exercise which will melt down your fat in no time! Yes, a 150-pound person will burn approximately 100 calories per mile when running!! Unbelievable, isn’t it? But it is true.

Well, if you belong to the other group who has tried your hands on running but haven’t seen any improvement in your shape or fitness, then it just means you’ve been doing it wrong. Following certain strict guidelines while you’re running is the most important foundation to follow. These 5 strategies for runners will prove to be the most efficient Ayurvedic tip to lose weight.

Running to Lose Weight

1. You are what you eat

Now, you must have heard this saying and seen it everywhere. It must have become a boring line to you, in fact. But the truth is you haven’t read in between lines to understand the thorough meaning of this saying.

Eating not only helps add nutritional value to your body’s needs, but also makes you thinner or fatter according to the food type and quality. Before you set out to run on the track, you must be very careful about what you are eating.

Accepted that a runner needs more energy and needs a good amount of food, but watch what you have been eating! In the name of eating, don’t stuff yourself with heavy foods that will add up to your fat content and cholesterol levels. Instead you can hog on healthy food as much as you want to, because you are anyway going to run and lose out on the calories.

2. No carbs food, no starch food

See to that you don’t fill up your plate with starchy food that can contribute to a lot of carbs. After all, all your running is dedicated to burning these already accumulated carbs, so why add more to the load truck of baggage! Give it a thought. Of course, it is a nice sight to eat a plateful of food; it gives you that happiness that you’ll be eating the amount you want to.

Just ensure that you fill up your plate with the quantity, but with the right kind of foods. You can prefer to have a bowl full of green veg salads instead of having to hog on a bag of potato chips. Of course, exceptions are always there – treating yourself once in a while with foods you like won’t harm you!

3. Strength training

Apart from running to lose and burn those calories, your loosened out muscles need some mass and strength to it. Whenever you are watching TV or having some free time, carry a heavy bottle of water and exercise your arms and body for that simple strength training.

You necessarily don’t have to splurge on those dumbbells and strength training solid things to do this. Choose one of those heaviest bars at home or even an iron vessel and get to exercise with it. Stretching yourself while doing such strength training regimes is an added advantage for your body! Strength training is one of the most important things that you must add to your running regime as an Ayurvedic tip to reduce weight.

4. Fix your running schedules

There are reports that people who run for 28 miles a week lose about 2800 calories every week. Isn’t that sounding miraculous – don’t you see a light at the end of the tunnel! Yes, this is exactly what we want to tell you. Schedule and split your 28 miles for the week to 5 or 6 days a week and you will witness miracle right in front of your eyes.

Planning is the key. If you wish to follow the 5 weekday running schedule and give yourself some rest during the weekends, then plan your 28 miles accordingly. When you have the facility to run 6 days a week and can go with a one day break, then you are more spaced out to plan your running schedule.

Keeping in mind that running up to a mile is going to burn 100 calories for you, it is you who must decide on how much calories you want to burn every week or day and plan your schedules accordingly.

5. Eat well, don’t skip meals

It is a wrong belief that skipping out on meals will add up to your weight loss regimen. People think that feeding the body with zero calories and exercising will make them lose weight faster. That’s not the truth unfortunately.

If that was the truth, then many huge people out there have so many calories in stock that their bodies can use up even if they don’t even for a year! Give it a thought. If you skip meals, all you will face is anemia and other associated effects that come along with it for free.

Eat your meals, just keep it healthy and keep running. When you do this, you will be burning more calories than what you ingest and this will happen even without your knowledge. Set your eating and running schedules right.

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