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Junk Food May Cause Memory Loss

Are you that constant dieter and fitness freak who keeps a watch on your waistline more than you look yourself at the mirror? Well, you are sailing on the safe boat now! But, wait what about those who stay thin and still pamper themselves with all the junkies? People-you will lose your memory power, says researches. Beware!

Junk food Memory Loss

Yes, junk will take its toll on your brain cells and memory power. A lot of fats and sugars through those dangerous junk foods will impact on the cognitive ability says the University of New South Wales.

So, what exactly does the study say?

  • The study was made on rats and it was concluded that over exposure to junk food eroded the spatial recognition of rat in just six days!!
  • The ability to notice the absence of something from in front of the eyes was noted.
  • A high deterioration in memory was the outcome
  • High sugar and salt content caused inflammation in the brain cells and impeded in learning and memory.
  • The damage that is caused to the brain cells is irreversible even while the rats are switched back to a normal healthy diet regimen.
  • The same food on humans will cause memory loss in terms of remembering the everyday chores and routine like car keys, wallets and mobile phones.
  • Even before a weight change could occur, memory loss can be expected

Now, this being the case, don’t you want to know what exactly is considered junk and what are the healthy replacements to it, which will keep both your memory and body fit and fine? Let’s look at the list and give some goodness to ourselves!

Junk Foods Healthy Substitutes
Chocolates and candies Dry fruits
Sweets Dark Chocolates
Cake Brown bread
French fries Roasted sweet potatoes
Energy drinks and artificial juices Clear water
Potato chips Wheat pita pockets
Soda Water with lime
Ice cream Chilled yogurt
Sugary cereals Oats

So, it’s time you relook at the food items in your refrigerator and switch yourself on to the healthy pattern of living. Do not eat junk, it will harm you—remember the tag line and go pink in health!.

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