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How to Make your Hair Grow Faster?

Gone are the days when hair problems never existed for people who were inherited with the boon of beautiful hair and for people who took care of their hair to eternity. Hair problems are aplenty today with every age group, no matter how healthy their hair gene is!

The main reason for hair problems today has a strong connection with the environment, the chemicals present in the shampoos, and the quality of water, food and veggies we take. Leave alone hair growth, in today’s scenario, no one is complaint-free for hair fall. Only when your hair stops falling at least to a considerable extent, hair growth is a possible option.

How to Make your Hair Grow Faster

Natural trips and tricks to maintain your hair health and help it grow are quoted in this article. Take advantage of it!

Aloe, honey, amla powder – The Trio Magic

Scoop out natural aloe gel from a fresh aloe leaf, stir in a teaspoon of organic honey, and mix a couple of tablespoons of amla powder. You can make your own amla powder by sun drying fresh gooseberries whenever you get it. Using this mixture as a pack on your hair after cleanly washing it will trigger hair growth and stop hair fall. You can wash your hair with plain water and rejoice the natural gooseberry smelling tresses for at least 2 days!

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is a boon to those with frizzy hair. Not only does it soothe your scalp and trigger hair growth, it also tames your frizz like magic. Extract some coconut milk from freshly grated coconuts and apply it to every strand. Leave it on for at least 30-40 minutes, before you wash it off with your regular shampoo. You can skip your conditioner when you use this most conditioning hair mask. Coconut milk is rich in vitamin E and will protect your hair follicles and help grow out hair of great quality.

Onion juice

Now, if you want a miracle potion to boost your hair growth and want to click before and after pictures of your hair in a month’s time, your potion is onion juice. Chop 2 onions (red variety), blend it in your blender with half a cup of water and ta-da! You’re done. With the help of a strainer mesh, strain away the onion juice in a bowl and you can use the solid remains to sauté in your recipes. Apply this juice directly onto your scalp and apply the remaining to the rest of your hair. You have to be partial towards your scalp when you apply this juice. Keep it on for half an hour and wash it off with your shampoo and conditioner. If someone told you onion juice stinks on your hair, yes it does, but not after washing it out. While it is doing its job on your hair, wrap it up with a shower cap and you can easily stay away from the smell. After all, withstanding the smell of onion for 30 minutes for fast-track hair growth is worth it, trust us!


Fenugreek is a mandatory option when you read through any natural home remedies for hair growth blog! It is so miraculous and can bless you with healthy hair growth. Soak 2 teaspoons of fenugreek overnight and blend it into a smooth paste the next morning. You could add in a teaspoon of thick curd instead of water and your hair pack will be thick, consistent and ready-to-use. It is very easy to apply after it is blended. Once done, warm up a head wrapping towel or an old cotton t-shirt, wrap your hair with it and let it stay so for at least 40 minutes before you wash your hair. You can skip the conditioner and just use the shampoo to wash off this pack. The reason being, fenugreek is a great conditioner by itself. Even if you wash your hair thoroughly with water and shampoo, fenugreek has the tendency to remain as small chunks in your hair after wash. Don’t panic, once your hair is dry, these bits will fall off as soon as you brush your hair.

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