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How To Keep Your Joints Healthy

Here is a list of time-tested ways to keep your joints healthy and strengthened to keep you away from chronic diseases. Following these herbal foods, treatments and habits will make you energetic and strong at any age.

How to Keep your Joints Healthy

Get that sleep bliss

Yes, adjusting to your biological clock is all the more important than keeping a track of your official and personal time tables. Do you remember the saying “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”? Yes, this saying is not just for the say of it-it really has news for you in it.

Sleeping early and getting a good sleep of 8 hours makes your body perform a lot more than what it was earlier. Researches prove that people who get an 8 hour mandatory sleep are 25% less prone to joint diseases, while compared to those who don’t give their body a good sleeping time.

Balanced diet in the noon

You might be having a good and routine breakfast and a nice sumptuous dinner too. But it is a must that you have a well-balanced, all-containing food for the noon. Make sure that your afternoon food is more herbal-greens, salads and vegetables. Do not compromise on any mineral or vitamin in your noon’s lunch. Follow it up with a light and easily digestible dinner.

Wake up with water!

Early morning as soon as you rise, make sure that you drink water. At least 1-2 glasses detoxify your body and keep your joints healthy and lubricated. You also get to have a healthy kidney. There are multiple benefits that you’ll achieve if you follow this habit.

Let the sun shine in

Sun, as you know is the main source of vitamin D and this vitamin is essential for your body, right from the day you are born. Do you remember why your paed and parents oiled you and sunbathed you even while young? Yes, it is just to ensure that you get enough of those vitamin D rays absorbed in your body. Vitamin D is the essential vitamin for your bones and joints to be healthy and get going.

Eat a lot

Eat a lot doesn’t mean overeating. It means eating healthily, large amounts of goodness rather. Include curd/yoghurt in your diet along with green leafy vegetables and soya. Remember that your bones need both protein and calcium for its fortification.

Get bone smart

And, finally we come to the working out part. Practise yoga for your bone’s health. Simple yoga moves like virabhadrasana and trikonasana can make you experience that feel good factor and keep you strong for a lifetime.

All this being said, you must also know the fact that your bones grow old with age. The cartilages become thinner and the tissues and shock-absorbers in your joint bones lose the flexibility as you grow old. You must remember to work out and eat well to keep all this is form. It is essential to practise all this even while you are young, so that you can see yourself in the healthy lot of people while other people of your age have joint and bone complaints.

Anything good starts from now and from this age, go ahead, take the challenge and be healthy!

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