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How to Control and Prevent Childhood Obesity?

Prevent Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is the medical term given to a child who is overweight when measured for his/her Body Mass Index (BMI). Child obesity is a hurdle to the child’s wellbeing and physical development. All the credits to such diseases even while young, belongs to the food habits of the modern lifestyle. Lack of physical activity is another reason, and this credit belongs to the wide technical exposure, due to which even toddlers these days are more addicted to gadgets and technical accessories. This in turn has totally cut down on playing with children of their age and other sports too! In short, look below for the crisp reasons behind childhood obesity:

  • Modern lifestyle- poor eating habits
  • Lack of physical activity-visual gaming has replaced playground playing
  • Imbalanced diet regimen-Skipping breakfast and addicted to the junk foods

Ways to help your child out of the obese condition

obese condition Yoga can battle obesity

The holistic tradition of practicing Yoga is a sure way out of childhood obesity. Get your child involved in practicing yoga poses right from the young age. In return, your child’s body will be flexible and he or she will develop an awesome disease-fighting (immunity) capacity against diseases. Also be assured that practicing Yoga will enhance your kid’s mental and physical charm.

The breathing exercises and postures, and meditation enable your kid to be more successful when compared to their peers. Introduce the positive therapy- Yoga to your kid, right away!

Teach to Eat Right

Slowly, but steadily imbibe in your kid, the art of saying “NO” to junk foods. Accepted that his/her peers and playmates are more into it and your child will be a mismatch to the gang. But, teach him/her slowly on the importance of looking good and being healthy, which means, no to junk. You never know, but your child might spread this message across his/her friends and you can find a “healthy group” there on!

Replace all junk foods with interesting homemade recipes. Browse the net and cook-books for special homemade cookies and other interesting snacks for your child. Remember, all that is tasty and colorful will be your child’s first choice when it comes to food-learn to cook the colorful way!

Also, insist that he/she “eats the rainbow”-colorful fruits and vegetables to give the body a good dose of carotenes and vitamins and minerals. Make breakfast the priority. Feed your child a heavy and nutrition rich breakfast, and he/she will automatically cut down on junk for the mid meal snack!

Play with your Kid  Play with your Kid

You don’t have to spend all your time having one-on-ones with your kids. Play, read and cook with them. This will enormously add on to their self-esteem and positive changes will be imbibed in your kido!.

Involve in a walking or running race and appreciate-involving with your kids to improve both your physical activity levels and your children’s! When your child accomplishes the task, encourage him/her by buying their most favorite toys or books.

Here are quick myths for you to go through:

  • Obesity is heredity, it cannot be altered-this is a myth. Your child’s body weight can definitely be controlled and maintained.
  • It’s just baby fat and it will leave your child while she/he grows up - No, this is not the case, once the adipose cells accumulate, they do so for a lifetime. It is mandatory that physical activities are introduced to your child even from a very young age.
  • An overweight child must be put on a strict diet regimen-considering that staying determined to a healthy diet chart is difficult even for an adult, you can now imagine about children. Asking them to stick to a diet chart doesn’t make sense; he/she will tend to eat their favorite junk without your knowledge! Introduce good eating habits in a play way method!
  • Happy motherhood and childhood!!!

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