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How Stress Increases Heart Disease Risk?

Are you stress-struck? Of late your complaints stress at job and personal life has been making you grin? The right amount of stress is always needed to keep you alert, focused and victory-prone. But how do you know that you are receiving just the right amount of stress? Read through the following questions and let yourself know if you have been stress-struck:

How Stress Increases Heart Disease Risk?
  • Feel overwhelmed?
  • Not able to handle your workload and want a way out of it?
  • Often feeling angry and nervous at work and people whom you meet?
  • Feeling tension and pain in your muscles?
  • Remembering even the routine things are going amiss recently?
  • Facing lower energy levels and often fall sick?
  • Not able to sleep?
  • You feel alcohol and drugs put you to sleep and carry away the tension from you?

If your answer was yes to 2 or more questions from the above listed lot, you are stress-struck. “Give me a break” should be your mantra now. Take off to some place, switch off all your communication channels to the outer world, enjoy the climate and the place, take as much of body massages as possible and keep the time for just yourself.

Nothing other than eating, relaxing and sleeping should be a part of your habit while you are out on a holiday. This is the true stress breaker and you will be surprised to see that you don’t answer a yes to any of those questions while you are back with a bang to your normal life.

All this being said, have you ever wondered why is that everyone gives you so much of their piece of minds when it comes to deleting stress from your life chart? Give it a thought-because, it is dangerous, more than dangerous than it sounds and might take your life off you. No exaggeration, it is true. Stress will put you through heart diseases and heart related illnesses which might make life seem impossible to you.

What does stress do to your heart?

Stress sources itself from physical causes, such as not getting enough sleep or having an illness. It can slowly penetrate into your emotions making you a dramatic character and you might feel out of control and handling yourself might be a herculean task too.

Stress causes the production of the hormone Cortisol. This Cortisol will try and manage your stress levels. As your stress gets on the higher side, your body knows no way out than to produce more of Cortisol. So when a hormone is over produced it definitely takes its toll on your health. Cortisol is no bar-it increases the blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure. These entire factors together end up in the generic term called “heart disease”.

What kind of heart diseases? Atherosclerosis, myocardial ischemia, insufficient blood/oxygen supply to your heart, blood clots, stickier and thicker blood and finally stroke! In addition to all these, people who have opted for alcohol and drugs as their way out to stress suffer from the side effects of those dangerous stuff too.

The Bottom Line

So, what’s the way out of this stress maze? Here are quick tips:

  • Adopt exercising-stick to breathing exercises. Yoga can prove to be the best.
  • Attend to social calls-time to time; hang out with friends and family to near and far places.
  • Go to the massage centers-seek the help of massage experts from reputed sources who can take your stress away in a jiffy.
  • Get up and take a break-don’t get stuck to your office chairs. Take a 3-time break in a whole work day or walk around to your friend’s/colleague’s cabins to drop a hello.
  • Finally, get addicted to vacations-make sure you go holidaying yearly once at least for a week to a far off or nearby place and keep yourself away from work completely. Relax and let the breeze work wonders on you.
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