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Effective home remedies to reduce skin pigmentation

Not able to step out without concealers and foundations doing that magic for you? Skin pigmentation is such a woo among women these days and there are several cosmetic companies who’ve started taking an advantage of these regular complaints. The best part is that they sell a ‘truckload of harmful chemicals’ bottled in fancy tubes and bottles, which we apparently end up burning our pockets on. Blame the skin for all this!

skin pigmentation

But have you tried EFFECTIVE home remedies to keep your skin clear and happy? You might have tried simple tips and it might have put you down, which is why you lost the faith. But effective and proven home remedies come handy in making your skin shiny, flawless and healthy. And, you can step out comfortably in your own skin. Here are those EFFECTIVE HOME REMEDIES to help you:

Potato and apple cider vinegar

All you have to do is, slice one potato into 3 pieces. Apply a few drops of apple cider vinegar to the surface of each slice. Rub the slices with the vinegar on clean dry skin and concentrate on the pigmentation patches or spots. This might initially tingle your skin, chill, this is very common. Let it continue tingling your skin for another 10 minutes and then you rinse it off with just plain water. Don’t use soap. Once you have done this treatment, you shouldn’t be stepping out in the sun at least for 8-10 hours. You could try this on an evening after all your outing is done. Remove it off your skin and go to bed.

Lemon and cucumber

Peel the skin of a fresh organic cucumber. Dice it and grind it into a thick paste consistency. Add in a few-many drops of lemon juice to make the consistency just right for a face pack. Even this mixture on the whole of your face and neck and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. In the meanwhile, you can also prepare a detox solution out of these two ingredients – because drinking this will help – beauty comes from within, don’t forget. In a pot of water, slice in a few pieces of cucumber and let it boil at least for 10 minutes. Once the mixture has cooled down, slice some lemon pieces and add it to the water. You can also add a few basil leaves/mint leaves to the solution. Let it sit for 15 minutes after which you can strain the liquid and refill your water bottle with it. Keep sipping on this liquid and your skin will simple shine.

Turmeric and milk

Turmeric, the natural and organic antibiotic will definitely reduce your pigmentation or scars left behind from those haunting pimples and acne issues. When you have turmeric for rescue, look no further! Raw milk has the tendency to soothe your scars and clarify your skin from pigmentation issues. Spoon in a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a few teaspoons of raw milk and make it into a nice paste. Spread this mixture to your affected areas or all over the face if you prefer to do so. Let it sit on your skin and dry up completely, which might take you 20 minutes max. Wash your face with warm water and do not follow it up with any cleanser or soap. Towel dry your face and refrain from using any makeup for the next couple of hours at least. Since you have added milk to the pack, you don’t have to reach out for your moisturizer also, unless you have super-dry skin.

The fruits cast magic

Guava contains lycopene and when mixed with banana, its effects invariably increase. Mash up a banana and mix it to the pulp of a guava. Stir in some honey and spread out this yummy tasty mixture to pamper your skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes while the lycopene will act on your pigmentation and make it clear and will also soften the rough dark patches. Wash it off with a mild cleanser and follow it with your regular moisturizer that’s free of paraben and sulphate.

The final rinse

You might think we’re talking about plain water here to wash your face. But we are talking about vinegar here. You might want to choose in between white vinegar and apple cider vinegar to do this magic to your skin. Mix up one part of vinegar to 2 parts of pure water and this water can be your final rinse to any face pack or during your daily face wash routine. Do not rinse off the vinegar from your skin, because you have already diluted it with enough water to do the job. Vinegar is an excellent astringent and exfoliator and will keep protecting and working on your patches forever and ever. Do not prepare this mixture and store it, preparing this instantly will not take you more than a few seconds. The fresher, the better!

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