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18 Home Remedies for Memory Problems

Home Remedies for Memory Problems

Absence of memory, the haunting disease which ones belonged to the elderly, is now endowed even on the youngest of the kids-all thanks to the stress created by the so called “competitive world”. Like how every good habit starts from home, memory boosting has also become the customized problem that parents should take care of in their children’s routine. To help you in this aspect, we have put across 18 home remedies to fight these memory problems. Include these in your child’s daily routine and be happy to see them enlightened. Here you go…

Believe in the listing and visual theory: Put everything across to your child as a list or picture. It has been proved scientifically that images and lists are grasped into the human memory more easily while chunks of information cause confusion and stress.

Abide to the Vedic way: Make sure that you bring about the interest about the Vedic ways of Yoga and meditation in your child and indulge him/her in the same. Most of the schools today offer such splendid courses, if your child’s school doesn’t offer one, there are aplenty of private coaching centers. These yoga and meditation courses will increases the power of concentration in your children and reduce the stress and tension that they undergo on a daily basis. It is also the best pathway towards a healthy lifestyle.

Introduce the traditional planning techniques: Though the alarm clocks, calendars and daily planners are out of fashion these days and all these mandatory techniques have been incorporated into the modern day gadgets, ensure that you introduce the use of these memory aiding techniques to your children. You can either go by the traditional planners, calendars and alarm clocks or teach them via the latest gadget. By doing so, you are aiding to improve the memory power of your child.

Mentor about mnemonics: Mnemonics, the way of coining the first letter of a list or many things together is the easiest way for your child to keep everything intact in his/her memory. For example, if you have to buy oranges and grapes without fail, you can remember this as “bog”.

Natural Food Boosters

The Natural Food Boosters: Your food defines who you are—it is the same case with the natural memory boosters too. Soaking a couple of almond seeds overnight and having your child chew this down on an empty stomach the next day morning will prove to be very beneficiary. Introduce a lot of green leafy vegetables and red-orange color fruits into your child’s routine. These natural boosters do miracles to your kid’s memory power.

Cleanse the Colon: You might feel it irrelevant to read the connectivity between a colon cleanse and memory power. But the brain cells are stimulated when your colon is clear and there is no digestive problem. Introduce the colon cleanse to your kid at least once in a month. You could mix up a full glass of warm water with 2 tbsp of lime juice and honey, plus 1tsp of pepper powder. Make your child drink this on an empty stomach to help in colon cleansing.

Exercise: It is very much in your hands to imbibe the consciousness of your kid’s physique. He/she must be aware of the importance of exercise and its effects on one’s body right from an young age. Exercising the body is exercising the brain!

Buy Brain Puzzles: For the summers, you could buy a lot of puzzle games for your child, so that he/she will have a good time in solving these and will sharpen their memory power unconsciously.

Say no to bad habits: In the modern world, smoking and drinking have become eligible behaviours to pass through the friends’ circle. Keep a tab on your child’s habits. The nicotine and alcohol content is definitely about to bring memory loss to your kid.


Sleeping is a must: Educate your child about the importance of sleeping for 7-8 hours every day. A good mental rest is very essential to keep one’s brain cells active.

Go nutty: Introduce almonds and pistachios to your child’s daily snacking time. These nuts have enormous memory boosters inside them.

Veggie, veggie and veggie: Veggies like ladies finger and spinach are great sources of memory boosters. Ensure that you include this to your kid’s diet at least twice a week.

The red fruits and veggies: Ensure that your child is introduced to berries, plums, oranges and carrots regularly. Carotenes are a great source of memory boosters.

Fats: Though too many fats will put down the metabolism of fats in your kid, ensure on certain fats that will do miracles. Feed your child with a teaspoon of homemade ghee twice a day apart from what you use in his/her meals. Ayurveda stresses on ghee as the natural miracle. Also introduce omega 3 fatty acids-they are rich sources of memory boosters as well.

Healthy snacking: Finger foods and snacks are every child’s necessity. See to that you make healthy snacks and finger foods like a nutty stick or sweet. This will be a treat to your child and will accomplish your purpose as well!!!.

The word games: Introduce word games like scrabble or build the words to improve the memory power of your kid.

Non Vegetarian Foods: If your family is used to eating non-veg food, you can introduce salmons and eggs as a regular cookery. These are great sources of memory boosters too.

Turmeric and Oatmeal: Introduce turmeric and oatmeal to your kid’s breakfast. They are Ayurvedic miracles too.

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