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Home Remedies for Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Delayed menstruation, abdominal cramps and the period woos are a whinge of every woman. The irregular flow of hormones and the mood swings can cause a wreck when a woman is on her periods. There are a few women who trail through these times like any other time; unfortunately most of us do not belong to this “lucky” lot.

In the olden days, there were no chemical formulations to deal with all this – at least there were very few medicines available to treat a woman’s discomfort during periods. Tips from the elderly and ingredients from the kitchen and one’s garden were the only remedies to these problems.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

These techniques have remained unmatched both in terms of nil side effects and effectiveness when the modern medicines compete with them. Here are such remedies which can effortlessly bring down your discomfort levels to a great extent:

1. The banyan tree: If you are suffering from irregular periods, the banyan has a bang on remedy. You may collect the roots of banyan tree and boil them in water. Filter the decoction and mix it with warm milk. Consuming this liquid regularly before you go to bed will regularize your period cycles.

2. The Ginger God: When you have scanty periods or insufficient amounts of waste blood coming out of your body, it will make you worried and might add on to your anxiety. Peel and grate ginger, boil it with water. Drink this syrup with sugar once a day for a whole month.

3. Bye-bye to cramps: Cinnamon can help reduce your cramps to a great extent. Your may add cinnamon powder to your warm milk, tea or coffee and it will comfort and soothe you during your periods.

4. Improper period complaints: When your cycle isn’t regular, you could add up sesame seeds with jaggery, make it into a sweet ball and gulp it down once daily. Sesame and jaggery have the capacity to streamline your period calendar days.

5. Aloe magic: You could prefer to eat the pulp of the aloe leaf to stay regular on periods which may turn out to be trouble free. If you have acne problems during periods, aloe vera will bring an end to them as well!

6. Papaya prodigy: Whatever may be your menstrual complaint; improper cycles, scanty flow of blood, over bleeding etc. you may eat papayas. It is a myth that papayas might augment your bleeding levels.

7. Turmeric: Including a pinch of turmeric powder to your milk, coffee or tea on a daily basis will keep you away from infections during the vulnerable periods. If you have been facing any kind of infection or allergy in your primary organs during periods, turmeric can show you a way out of them!

Home remedies are reliable and are the best alternative cures for overcoming menstruation issues. Stay away from the side effects of medicines and stick on to Ayurveda!

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