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The Herbals Reveal Secrets

The US government is increasingly concerned about the popularity of herbal medicines. The statistics show that people go to herbal medicine more than allopathic medicine. The industry of herbal medicine reached 5.3 billion dollars in 2012. How is herbal medicine different from the allopathic medicine?

The allopathic medicine no doubt works fast but then it has its own problems; it is a chemical that you put into your body whereas herbal medicine is something that is natural. It is the greens, the vegetables that you eat which are quite natural and these herbal medicines have been used in every tradition for times immemorial.


The Ayurvedic medicine and the Siddha medicine belong to India and they were discovered by Seers, Yogis and Siddhas. The plants are living beings. They literally talk to the Seers and these Seers knew about the medicine from the beings that emanated from the plants. Every plant has a being. This subject is called Ethno-botany. There are lots of ethno botanists around the world. Ananda K. Coomaraswamy is a great ethno botanist. The ethno botanists have contributed a lot to understanding the origin and importance of the herbs. The herbs have proved themselves for their efficacy in the lives of so many people in world and in pre modern civilization times. We are now going back to herbal medicines because they are not only very efficient but they are also quite natural and promote health.

Let us look at some important herbs that can cure or that can heal your diabeties. There is a herb called Gymnema sylvestre that is the botanical name. The Indian name is gurmar which means sugar killer literally. How in the world the ancient people, who did not have understanding about blood and insulin or metabolism or sugar metabolism were able to know about sugar in the blood? One answer is they knew through other means such as you urinate and then ants come around and feed on your urine. Your urine has sugar that is one traditional way of understanding. But today we know that we can go and have a glucometer that can measure the sugar. However, the question is how did they know this plant is called a sugar killer? It is because they knew intuitively. How? The beings of the plant spoke to the Siddha or Yogi.

So, we can benefit more from these natural sources, they are not only efficient but also have lesser side-effects. And now everyone wants to go natural and not put chemicals into the body. Vopec has designed so many formulas for different illnesses based on the discovery of these yogis and Siddhas from their level of intuition.

To Your Health,
Dr. Baskaran Pillai

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