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10 Health Benefits of Pure Honey

The natural world, sustainable nature foods and its amazing health benefits keep you fresh and going. Nature offers us a plethora of foods that belong to the Ayurveda health care sector and take care of us like our own moms do. Honey is one such natural miracle with a strange chemical composition that keeps it going on and on without spoiling even for half a decade! This amazing food has a lot to offer and this article will brief you about its health benefits entirely.

Health Benefits of Pure Honey

Honey for Health

Honey is known to reduce fatigue and increase one’s performance. The reason being, it increases the endurance levels and reduces muscle fatigue. The perfect combination of glucose and fructose in nectar is the reason behind this wonderful property.

When glucose is absorbed quickly in your blood, it gives that instant dose of energy, while fructose is slowly absorbed and contributes towards the sustained energy for a long time.

Fights Infections

Honey is said to increase the antibodies’ content in one’s body, thus indirectly adding to the immunity. When you consume honey in moderation, your body will gain many antibodies and will be able to fight against common diseases. Common cold, flu and fever will never be a word in your health’s history. It also fights tiredness and fatigue. Before you do an extensive fitness program, take a teaspoon full of honey and you will be amazed at your stamina at the toughest of exercises.

Smooth on the Respiratory Tract

Honey in combination with pepper powder or its direct form has proven to be the best smoothening agent on your respiratory tract. When you suffer from irritable throat infections, take a teaspoon of honey, either in its raw form or with pepper powder and you will be relieved of cough and the associated symptoms.

The Memory Tonic

With its wide array of vitamins and minerals, including niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, honey boosts your memory power like nothing. It is the best Ayurveda health care ingredient if you have kids at home. Making them drink a teaspoon of honey in their milk or in its raw form will stimulate the brain cells by providing them with instant energy, and thereby boosting memory. It will prove beneficial in students.

Prevents Anemia

Honey is probably one of the inexpensive ways of preventing anemia. It increases the hemoglobin content in the blood, feeds the cells with energy to function and thus keeps this blood deficient disease at bay. If someone at home is suffering from anemic problems, try adding honey to their diet regimen to see a miracle happening with their hemoglobin counts.

Honey for Smooth Skin and Silky Hair

Honey is one of the major cosmetic recommendations by every beautician out there. Using honey for your hair and skin brings wonders to their textures. Honey along with a beaten egg applied to hair will give you that shine and sheen like on TV commercials. As well, when you use honey in your face packs, your face will glow with a healthy shine and your complexion will seem improved and toned. Honey should therefore belong to your permanent ‘go-to’ for beauty needs.

So honey, when are you going to indulge in the honey-o-mania for health benefits?

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