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15 Health Benefits of Eating Apples

Whenever you think of eating apples, we are sure the old adage on “an apple a day keeps a doctor away” strikes the chord in your brain. Well, did you think that this adage was written by an apple enthusiast just because he/she was interested in those rambling orchards, where picking up crisp and juicy apples to crunch was a hobby?

No, there is a reason to everything good that’s said in the world. And, apples are not an exception to this rule. There are a plethora of good health benefits when you bite into an apple. Looking at just 15 of these health benefits will cover almost all the benefits. Read on…

Health Benefits of Eating Apples

1. Curbs cataract: Antioxidant rich foods like apples keeps cataracts away. You will never face an eye problem in your life if you indulge in apple eating on a daily basis.

2. Gives an immunity boost: Red apples are rich in quercetin, a form of antioxidant which boosts your immunity and prevents diseases from nearing you. It strengthens your total immune system.

3. Cleans up your liver: If you have quit smoking or drinking recently and are looking for a liver detoxification cure, then the answer is in apples. Crunch on an apple 2 times a day and you will find that your liver is detoxified naturally.

4. The sand clock figure is achievable: People, who are dieting, include apples as their major diet. The reason being, it has more of fibers than calories and is the apt food when you are stepping into dieting.

5. Internal bleeding and hemorrhoids are banished: The fiber levels in apples are so high and will ease up all the tightness in your body muscles. Let it be a bleeding colon or any other internal bleeding, eating apples will help.

6. IBS not a worry anymore: Suffering from irritable bowel syndrome has become a common problem with today’s youngsters. Wrong eating patterns and untimely food are the major reasons to this disease. Biting in on apples whenever you don’t have the time for food will help a lot in controlling such diseases.

7. Your digestive friend: Again with its abundant fiber content and antioxidants it eases up digestions and keeps you clear of stomach upset problems.

8. Stones? Throw them away: If you are suffering from gallstones, look for natural cure through apples. Cholesterol levels are also major contributing factors to gallstones. Eating on apples will keep a check on your cholesterol levels.

9. Healthy heart, healthy you: Apples keep your heart healthy and functioning at its best. When your heart functions well, you will be well, naturally.

10. Cut the cholesterol: Apples reduce your cholesterol levels, keep a tab on them and help maintain specified levels. Eating apples will keep you away from cholesterol complaints.

11. Demolish diabetes: It is a myth that diabetes, once set in, will never leave you. It is all in the diet. Especially, apples. When you hog on apples, you will be fit and fine with controlled sugar levels.

12. No-no cancer: Eating apples right from a young age will keep cancer at bay.

13. Stay away from Parkinson’s: It has been researched that Parkinson’s disease is approaching almost everyone around the world. When you eat apples regularly, your brain will never get drained of secreting dopamine and so, you will never undergo this disease in a lifetime.

14. Away from Alzheimer’s: While your brain gets aged, you undergo the Alzheimer’s disease. Research shows that drinking apple juice with no sugar will keep you away from this deadly disease.

15. White teeth are not just an advertisement: White teeth on those ads are just not a myth and are very much achievable when you keep biting on crispy and fresh apples. The antioxidants in apple keep your teeth white and fresh and you can just become your favorite model who posed for the white teeth ad!!

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