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Green Tea-Drink Green!

Green Tea

“Cutting down on calories adds years to your life”--this is the phenomenon of every weightwatcher out there! If you prefer to lose weight to show off your flat abs, get a slimmer waist, or slim down yourself to get into a sexy pair of jeans, fat loss or diet plans come handy. Every diet regime chalked out for an individual stresses on “green tea” these days.

Steaming Cups of Green Tea--a Cure or Add-On?

You should always turn over in your mind that “weight loss medications provide only short-term weight loss”. Exercising and conscious eating habits are the ultimate solace to your overweight problems. One such conscious drinking habit denotes consuming green teas—adds on to give your overall efforts a complete and wholesome look.

Steaming Cups of Green Tea

The intake of green tea twice a day is a powerful combination to your existing diet pattern; it will drastically help you shed pounds. This wonderful drink can shield you against diseases--it is a wonderful antioxidant, as well. Now you know why you should prefer green tea over the normal tea!

In general, drinking green tea can turn your skin beautiful with its antioxidants fighting against blemishes, leaving your skin supple! Another fact behind the power of green tea is that it slows down the aging process; what else could one expect more than this all-rounder drink!

The Scientific Saga behind Drinking Green Tea

Drinking Green Tea

The Slimming and Sizzling cup of tea holds 3 strong ingredients to make it scientifically nourishing;

  • Oolong- Ensures fast fat burning technology and presents you with a glowing skin
  • Sencha- controls the blood pressure and soothes your body and mind
  • Pu-erh- triggers the metabolism and refrains the body from soaring cholesterol levels

This tri-combo drink helps your bowels get going in the right pace with a wonderful metabolic rate to burn down your calories day on day, constantly. Get cleansed inside out!

Knock off those extra pounds and flaunt in style this summer!

The Tea Story Emperor Shen Nung boiled drinking water while a few leaves from a nearby “Camellia Sinensis” plant fell into the water pot. The emperor drank the mixture and rejoiced its taste saying "vigor of body, contentment of mind, and determination of purpose." Perhaps, this is what made this drink as essential as water!.
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