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Green Tea Boosts Brain Health

Going caffeine high in the morning is your habit? Congrats on this habit, you have been successfully benefitting from caffeine’s antioxidants. But there could be something better that you could do. Trade in some green tea in the place of your black tea or milk tea and look at what wonders it can do to your body.

Known for its high concentration of antioxidants which can strengthen your immunity power, green tea proves to be the best and healthiest choice when it comes to the morning or break time drink.

Green Tea Boosts Brain Health

Green Tea for Body and Mind

Recent Psychopharmacology studies have proved that green tea not only benefits your body, but also your mind by boosting the brain cells and calming down the nervousness in you, if any. It is also the proven cure to calm and soothe you down off tensions and also has the great capability of treating psychiatric disorders like dementia, say the researchers.

Green Tea and Health Cure

Green tea has been acknowledged and authenticated to provide loads of goodness to one’s body, as in:

  • Fighting against cancer
  • Treating type II diabetes
  • Fighting against heart related disease
  • Cleansing one’s liver and detoxifying it
  • Keeping one’s skin clear off flaws and other problems etc.

The list of goodness is never ending and is known to stimulate one’s brain cells very efficiently.

Green Tea and Memory Power

Though we have been reading from many sources that green tea enhances one’s memory power, we have never known of it in detail. At least, not the mechanism by which it boosts your memory power. To add characterization to the blindly believed theory, here’s an explanation of an experiment.

Once, a team of Swiss researchers worked on the efficiency of intake of green tea extracts to determine the brain connectivity during working memory processing. They also wanted to figure out whether the connectivity parameters are related to task performance.

For this task, 12 healthy male volunteers were chosen who were fed with a milk whey-based soft drink containing 27.5 grams of green tea extract or a milk whey-based soft drink without green tea as control substances before they performed working memory tasks. Once this was done, they were asked to undergo a functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The MRI results were then gathered and analyzed. They revealed the percentage of how green tea affected the volunteers’ brain activity. To determine this value, the researchers used a dynamic casual modeling. They worked on the effect of working memory on effective connectivity between the frontal and parietal brain regions. All this was done to help them identify the neural mechanisms that are responsible for the boost in brain power from drinking the extract.

The Findings

After all the accumulation and analysis was done, the researchers found out that the MRI showed increased connectivity between the parietal and the frontal cortex of the brain. In other words, the green tea extract increased the brain’s effective connectivity, which also led to an improvement in actual cognitive performance.

Also, other surprising findings were done. This included the fact that green tea had aided in treating cognitive impairments in neuropsychiatric disorders such as dementia.

Now you know how much green tea is preferred and why you must go for it. Get your green tea today and start improving your memory power by leaps and bounds!

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