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Friendly Neighborhood Superfoods

When you’ve been roaming out on the market seeds, you might want to invest in buying some superfoods that you never ever knew of. You might find strange fruits and new seed varieties, which you might want to experiment at, but won’t be sure of its nutritional goodness/badness. This article will be a handy guide to tell you which neighborhood foods you can add to your shopping bag and benefit of.

Friendly Neighborhood Superfoods

The Dynamic Drumstick

To start with, let’s look at the most common drumstick available in South Indian markets. A rare sight, this is abroad and other parts of India. Why should you buy this superfood? Here’s why:

  • Abundant quantities of calcium, iron and antioxidants
  • Cheap and easily available
  • Loaded with Vitamin A and Iron
  • Increases male fertility

The Healthy Horse gram

These seed like grams is the richest source of protein and iron. Many Indian recipes like horse gram dosa/adai and horse gram rice powder mix are ardently followed for weight loss. Easily available in the market, these seeds are cheap too. Why should you buy this superfood? Here’s why:

  • Rich in protein, iron, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorous and fiber
  • Dissolves early stage kidney stones
  • Regulates sugar levels and cholesterol
  • Lowers blood pressure and regularizes it

The Cool Karonda

Very commonly referred to as “kalakkai” in Tamil, this fruit is available very easily in the herbal stores in Indian markets. Known for a lot of its good properties, this fruit has been the snacking source for young kids and old people right from ages ago. One of the oldest superfoods, its qualities should be emphasized on. Why should you buy this superfood? Here’s why:

  • Increases the sexual libido in woman and enhances fertility
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Controls blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy
  • A good source of Vitamin C and iron and thus aids in treating anemia

The Souvenir Sabja

Very commonly called ‘tulasi vithai’ in Tamil, this seed is another heritage handed over to us by our ancestors. Used against a lot of illnesses, this is the first go-to herbal remedy in Ayurveda. Why should you buy this superfood? Here’s why:

  • Relieves indigestion
  • The best cure to respiratory tract infections, common cold and cough
  • Contributes towards a filling drink for the weight watchers
  • The Indian answer to Chia seeds
  • Used as a delicacy over faloodas
  • Lowers cholesterol and controls diabetes
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