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Fight Obesity -Tips to Control Your Temptations

Fight Obesity -Tips to Control Your Temptations

Often the enemy standing between you and that slim silhouette is those extra pounds accumulated. The courtesy belongs to your temptations and the inability to control your cravings for those calorie-giving foods. To beat the urge of indulgence, here are a few tips you can practice. Do remember, determination is the root cause for success in anything that you have taken up.

Here’s how you can curb those cravings and knock off those extra calls:

  • To start with, take a note of those foods that you crave for and the time you crave for these. During these times, share your favorite food with your colleague or friend, so that you will be mindful of what you are eating. This is the initial step to cut down on the whole calorie pile that your cravings offer.
  • Tick the time-stick to a routine timing on when you have food and snacks. Avoid eating whenever you feel like. Snack or eat only during set times.
  • Look for satiating foods-When you are hungry and are craving for something, choose a salad in the place of a bag of chips that catches your sight. Not only are you adding up to your cals in excess, but you will want to follow up the bag of chips with some other food item because chips are not satiating.
  • Cut your craving for coffee-For many of them craving for a cup of coffee is essentially not for the coffee’s taste, but for the source of sugar at that point of time. Hold yourself to have coffee only once or twice a day and accompany it with healthy snacks such as protein rich nuts and cereals.
  • Fight Obesity
  • Time is everything: Remember, when many tempting food items are laid across on your lunch table, you will tend to eat everything without any control. It is advisable that you take a ten-minute break after consuming each food item. This time is essential for the stomach to tell your brain that you are feeling full and you will apparently not go in for more, how much ever tempting the other foods might look like!
  • Pair up the good with the bad: When you have indulged in having something that is going to load up your calorie requirement for the day, make sure that you accompany it with some good food-when you eat a bag of chips, accompany it with some raw cut veggies, so that your portion’s intake on the chips would reduce automatically.

Please note that these tips just teach you on how to begin to curb your cravings. Apparently, you will end up accumulating half of the calorie load which was a full one earlier. Slowly and steadily, with all these tips, develop determination inside you and this will help you cut your cravings once and for all. Happy determination!

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