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5 Fast Tips for Preventing Cold

Your head is exploding, your nasal passage seems to have been blocked for no good, your eyes are dripping tears and you feel the world spinning around you? All these are well-known symptoms of cold, but the worry comes only when you face it very often.

Fast Tips for Preventing Cold

Falling sick to a particular disease time and again just means you’ve lost your immunity to that particular viral or anti-body which is causing all these problems to you. Considering a remedy which will stand for a long time is the best solution to stay peaceful and relieved. When you talk about longstanding, what could it be, if not Ayurveda?

So, the next time a cold puts you down, follow these Ayurvedic tips to put the cold down, once and forever:

The grandma’s touch

The ancient technique of treating a cold with milk is now running for ages and ages. There are wrong thoughts that milk can aggravate your cold. Ayurvedically speaking, it will not. In a glass of warm milk, add in a teaspoon of pepper powder and a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Stir it well and add sugar if you prefer your milk with sugar. Drinking this masala milk for two times a day will drive your cold away!

The natural inhaler

If you are addicted to inhalers to relieve you off the breathing stress during a cold, then do not choose the medicinal and chemical loaded ones. Instead make your own Ayurvedic inhaler, which will not only ease down your breathing, but will also provide you with a lifetime effect. Crush a teaspoon of carom seeds and bundle this up in a muslin cloth which is pretty clean. Hold this small bundle near your nose and inhale. You will get the best of reliefs ever!

Here’s your vaporizer

The next well-known solution for a terrific cold is to take the steam from medicines which will irritate your nasal cells and push the virus out. Use an Ayurvedic vaporizer instead and get benefitted. Here’s what you can do - Chop around 100 gm of ladies finger into fine pieces. Boil this with a half a liter of water until you see the fumes coming up. This will approximately take 5-10 minutes. Now, inhale the steam from this miracle water and experience the effect.

The green remedy

All the infections spread from the water your drink, the air that you inhale and the environment you live in. With water playing the first role in spreading infections, here’s an Ayurvedic way to keep your drinking water safe. Pluck a few fresh holy basil leaves and boil it with half a liter of drinking water. Cool down this water and bottle it up in your water bottle. Do not strain away the basil leaves. Chew them whenever you can and you will never catch a cold, soon again.

The early morning saga

Then comes the very famous lemon water! Most people squeeze in lemon into a glass of warm water, stir in some honey to it and drink down this liquid right in the morning for weight loss. Well, did you know this strengthens your immunity? Yes, drinking down this liquid on a daily basis will keep any kind of cold and flu away from you. You can drink this soothing liquid at any time of the day when you are suffering from cold.

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