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Exercising with Arthritis – 5 things you must know before you start

Arthritis, the degenerative disease that affects your bones and joints can bring much pain, inflammation and hassles in your daily basic activities. While even basic activities like walking around your own home or running behind your children or grandchildren become a pain, imagining exercising with such pain and suffering seems far than achievable.

But, exercise is the key mantra to any problem. Only fitness can bring around changes in your health and wellbeing, in the most positive way. This being the case, exercises for arthritis is very simple and easy to practice if done in the right way and with the right startup steps.

Exercising with Arthritis

Here are 5 basic things you must know and follow before you start exercising for this degenerative disease.

1. The best form of exercise to be adapted

From among many exercise forms available, choosing the best suitable, simple and effective ones with no after effects even when you have to break the routine; is the best exercise to go with. Keeping these factors in mind, Yoga is the best form of exercise for people suffering from arthritis.

When you learn yoga poses, be sure to tell your yoga instructor about the problems you have and face while you practicing, so that your instructor will suggest easy ways and poses to follow. Also, yoga is a form of exercise which encourages frequent breaks between one pose and the other, making it to be very simple and relaxed on you. As time proceeds, your flexibility in bones and joints will improve and you will be able to progress with medium-hard kind of poses and will also attain maximum benefits. .

Also, from another angle, looking at Yoga as a no-side-effect form of exercise proves it beneficial. If you have to take a break or cannot attend your yoga classes frequently, it will not add up to your lost weight in anyway.

2. With pain, no gain

Isn’t that the most controversial saying you’ve heard; but it holds true to arthritis patients who want to exercise. When one practices a certain form of exercise or even basic walking with pain and stress in joints, and without a break, the degenerative disease could prove to be more degenerative!

3. Slow and steady wins the show

It is very essential that arthritis patients follow slow movements and exercise forms. Considering the condition of your bones and joints, it is very important that you be careful with not worsening its condition further. Frequent breaks and slow actions will prove to be beneficial for your medical condition.

4. Ice Mantra

Whenever you find that exercising is bringing inflammation or swelling in your bones or joints, be sure to apply ice or rub it over the affected regions instantly. Applying pain balms or lotions will only provide you with temporary relief and will also worsen the condition, even more.

5. The diet miracle

The first and foremost reason to arthritis often happens to be weight gain. So, it is essential that you stay on healthy diet, even if you are not able to completely cut down the carbs to cut down on your weight. After your exercise eat light food which is healthy. Choose foods like vegetable and fruit salads instead of junk and oily foods.

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