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9 Excellent Ways to Get Rid of Constipation

“Potty problems” is not what anyone wants to discuss about. But that becomes the major issue for many of us, and thereby the normal lifestyle is affected in a great way. Before you run to your pharmacist to express your concern over not having your bowel movement properly, resort to them quick home-based tricks to get rid of constipation.

1. Oil up the machine

Like how any machine requires oiling for the output, your system demands for the process too. Drink a teaspoon of olive oil or ghee every morning on an empty stomach as soon as you brush your teeth. You could also have another teaspoon of ghee/oil before bed time and this will greatly relieve you of constipation issues.


2. Call for citric acid

As soon as you finish your ghee/oil routine, wait for half an hour before you can feed your body with the next diet of the day. Afterwards, squeeze in a lemon into one glass of warm water, sweeten it up with a dollop of honey if you prefer to and there you go. Swallow this juice in the morning and citric acid is sure to balance your intestine’s pH and provide relief from constipation.

3. Molasses and cereals fix your fibres for breakfast

The first solid diet for your day is your breakfast. This is where you can give your body food along with the first dose of fuel for the digestive process which happens all day long. Include a small cup of sprouts and cereals into your breakfast compulsorily. This will not only help you have a filling breakfast, but will also add all the needed fibres into your system.

4. The mid-morning snack counts

Before you hop on to the lunch regime for the day, we’re sure you’d like to snack on a yummy bowl of mid-morning snacks. You could count on a handful of nuts or a bowl of your favourite fruit topped up with a teaspoon of peanut butter. You can variations with this snacking idea to satiate your evening hunger pranks as well. You could also count on a cup of coffee along with your snacks for that “filled to the brim” feeling.

5. The healthy and balanced lunch

Lunch, being the major meal for anyone has to have equal proportions of all the nutrients. Throw in sources of protein, fat, energy, nutrients etc. into your lunch bowl. Beans, lentils, rajma, fresh veggies, etc. can make your lunch very interesting and healthy at the same time. 6. The top-up ingredients that count

Every food when seasoned with the right ingredients give a very tasty twist to your palate. For seasoning your lunch, breakfast, snack or salad, use a generous serving of roasted flax seeds, pumpkin seeds etc. You will not only enjoy the crunchy bite of these seeds while you’re chewing your food, but you’ll also be sourcing healthy fibres for your body to smoothen the digestive process.

7. Fluids and dry fruits

Aloe juice, tender coconut water and a handful of dry fruits are the go-to foods to cure your digestion problems. The benefits of these foods are just not skin-deep, but intestine-deep; literally! They prove to be natural laxatives for your intestines and your potty problems come to an end for sure.

8. The water mantra

Not to forget the elixir of life! Water is not only essential to quench your throat’s thirst, but your intestine’s too. Keep hydrating and sipping on water until you’re done with 4 litres a day. Yes you read it right – 4 is the number. The more the intake of water, the better the output quality. Keep reminders to drink water or reach for it whenever you see it and you can easily achieve your numbers!

9. The workout saga

Starting or ending your day with workout is most essential to get rid of constipation issues. It is essential that you workout for 30-40 minutes a day. Choosing your timing (morning or evening) is your choice and depends on how your body accepts it. Morning times are most recommended, but it is totally for you to decide. If you choose mornings, then get out and head for your workout as soon as you enjoy your glass of warm lemon water. If you decide to keep it before the bedtime, ensure that you have a solid 45-60 minutes break after your dinner. Yoga or crunches is your choice, workout is our recommendation.

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