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8 Foods that Fight Fat

Glanced by someone who wore body hugging clothes and had a great figure; and thought from right now, I will exercise and diet so that I get into shape? You got back home and rested into that lazy boy and started snacking again without even the worry of sticking to the promise you just made a while back?

The points hit you right on the face? Well, you are not alone; there are many people who have felt the bang on the face. We’ve often heard from people that they love eating and they don’t swear by their promises because of the love for food.

What if food itself was given to you in a tastier way and could help you lose those extra pounds? ‘What more can I ask for’ – didn’t you just tell that! Then here’s the treat for you. You are going to see that your dream shall come true with these handy tips. No food restrictions, just additions that can subtract your current weight.

8 Foods that Fight Fat

1. Greens: There are a plethora of spinach varieties available out there in the market. Spicing it up and making it taste great is just in your hands. If you cook greens in the right way, you will never hate it anymore. Eat a lot of the greens gravy you made and you will feel full in no time. Automatically, junk will be out of question!

2. Beans and legumes: Include a lot of baked beans and legumes even in your normal curries and it will enhance the taste in no time! You could also prefer to bake it plain, add some salt and pepper; splutter some curry leaves and a small portion of grated coconuts in a teaspoon of coconut oil and add it to the baked stuff. There could be no tastier snack than these. We promise you will start loving such healthy food!

3. Garlic and onion: Be it a rich food or a simple recipe in your kitchen, what can spice up food in a better way than garlic and onion. This duo has the magic touch in any of your recipe. Make sure you don’t miss out on these ingredients in your food and you will eventually lose weight.

4. Cayenne pepper: The very famous spice these days, cayenne pepper can dissolve your adipose deposits say studies. Spice up your food with cayenne pepper instead of chilli powder and you will find that your metabolic rate is increased by leaps and bounds. When your metabolism increases, you will lose weight like a quickie!

5. Turmeric: Another Indian spice which can add beauty to your food is a miracle and boon to the world! A pinch of turmeric in your food can change many things about your food. The food’s toxicity if any will go down and will help act on your leptin hormone when food meets your digestive tract. Leptin is the fat burning hormone. When turmeric stimulates it, you will tend to lose weight soon. Not only in your recipes, but also add this pinch of yellow to your coffee, tea or milk. Wait and watch how you lose weight and how your fat gets away from you!

6. Cinnamon: Not only known for its astringent taste and feeling, it is also known for its power to combat the fat deposits in your system. Make a dry powder out of cinnamon and mix it with raw organic honey to feast yourself with a teaspoon of this mixture just before a meal. Doing this once a day will bring on amazing results in bidding goodbye to your fats.

7. Flax seeds: Flax seeds are the cheapest and ever available stuff today in almost every super market out there. Keep these seeds handy. It takes a very less time to cook these seeds. You can just add it to any recipe 4 minutes before you switch of the flame and it will spice up your food. It will give your food an enhanced taste and enhance your weight management too.

8. Dark chocolates: Now time for the dessert! Having talked a lot about spicy recipes, you must feast on your dessert now. If you love eating chocolates, go ahead. Choose the dark chocolate variety and please your taste buds. Who can stop you!! Weight reduction is that easy. All that it needs is proper food and recipes to burn those fats and stimulate the fat hormone.

Take your oath today and eat a lot!!

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