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6 Effective Siddha Medicines for Hair Growth

The word “Siddha” originates from “Siddhi”; which means the method of doing things perfectly. Siddha and Ayurveda, the natural sciences believe that Mother Nature has a cure to every illness or health issue a man complaints of. Similarly, hair growth issues and scalp problems have a natural solution that Siddha recommends.

Below are detailed Siddha medicines & treatment for hair fall that you can religiously follow and take an advantage of:

Siddha Medicines for Hair Growth

Siddha oil

Siddha believes in the power of lotus leaves. It recommends that you heat 10-12 lotus leaves and extract the juice. If you get pure lotus leaves’ juice, then there’s nothing like it. Then, add this extract to half a liter of sesame oil. Boil the whole mixture again to blend the effects of both the oils. You’ll find a top layer of the extract after boiling. Give this a stir every time before you use the oil. Massage this oil onto your scalp and concentrate on the lengths of the hair for shiny, healthy and hassle free hair growth.

Aloe treatment

Aloe is considered as an effective Siddha medicine for hair growth. Blend in 100 ml of fresh aloe gel extract to 3 teaspoons of fenugreek seed powder. You can make fenugreek powder at home by roasting a handful of fenugreek seeds on a dry pan until it turns brown. Cool the seeds and blend it using your blender. Now, add the aloe and fenugreek mix to half a liter of coconut oil and allow this mixture to warm up for a solid 2-3 minutes. Keep massaging your scalp with this oil twice a week and you will find that your hair grows rapidly.

Your Siddha hair wash powder

The lather in commercial shampoos is attributed to soap nut. To make a Siddha shampoo for yourself that’s purely organic and safe to rely on, do this: Sun-dry 100 gm of soap nuts and shikakai. Toss in 10 gm of fresh hibiscus leaves to this mixture along with 100 gm of fenugreek seeds. Let all these ingredients dry well under direct sunlight. Now, to ensure that they are crispy and have lost the water content, dry roast everything together once. Grind the whole mixture to a fine powder using your blender. Use this powder to wash your hair and you will slowly replace all your shampoos with this powder. This powder is a recommended Siddha medicine for hair growth.

The curry leaves secret

In about 1 liter of coconut oil, toss in 50 gm of curry leaves powder. To make curry leaves powder, sun-dry fresh curry leaves under direct sunlight and blend them to a fine powder. Boil this mixture for about five minutes, let it cool and then transfer it to a glass bottle. Take a tablespoon of this oil or so, depending on the thickness and length of your hair and warm it every time before you’re set to use it. Massage it onto your scalp and to the lengths of your hair, leave it overnight and wash it off with the Siddha hair wash powder the next morning. Your hair will grow well and will look hydrated and healthy.

Thus, Siddha medicines and treatment for hair fall works like a miracle and infuses shine to each strand of your hair. Those who have lost your hair density or volume will easily gain back volume with Siddha in place. Try and thank us later!!

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