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Eczema: Symptoms and Treatment

Often called the “itchy disease” eczema causes rashes on the face, back of the knees, wrists, hands, or feet. An itchy rash might also trigger up asthma in some people.

You develop an itchy rash and have a family history of eczema or asthma. Here are symptoms you must point fingers at if you have an itchy disease:

Eczema Symptoms and Treatment
  • You suddenly develop yellowish to light brown crust or pus-filled blisters
  • You can catch a cold while you are suffering from rashes (Extreme condition while your body’s immunity is low)
  • Painful, small, fluid-filled blisters
  • Itching that’s uncontrollable

Herbal medicines and Ayurvedic cure for Eczema

Coconut oil

Warm coconut oil and apply it throughout your body before you get into the shower. You will have to let it be there on your skin for at least half an hour before you step into the shower. Coconut oil has a hydrating capacity and will soften the skin and it’s antibacterial effects will keep infections at bay.

Butter therapy

Butter is as efficient as coconut oil in hydrating your skin. Clarified butter otherwise called ghee is a standard Ayurvedic remedy for digestive problems, while butter by itself applied orally can keep your skin infections away. Eczema patients are prone to have blisters and inflamed skin and also the skin roughens up into patches seldom. Butter is the herbal medicine for eczema and can soften such patches and soothe the blisters, irritation and exacerbated skin.

Oils for your body

It is good to indulge in oil therapy for your body. Soaking yourself with carrier oil mixed with an efficient essential oil will soothe your skin and bring down the redness and soreness in the eczema patches. Also, oils will moisturize your skin and will retain its moisture content. Therefore, you will not be giving a chance for eczema to bring about dryness in your body and you may get rid of the itching syndrome too.

Oats and neem scrub

Oats and neem are the best herbal medicines for eczema. This combination is very effectively used as an Ayurvedic treatment for eczema. Grind oats into a coarse powder and grind neem leaves into a fine paste. Mix in both and apply it on your whole body or to the affected areas. You’ll experience the natural scrubbing effect. Let it stay there on your affected areas for around 20 minutes before you take a warm shower.

Green tea bags

Green tea bags are contented with antibacterial and soothing effects and the goodness of green tea has been enough spoken about all over the internet. So, not giving in further to your ‘know-it-all-about-green tea’ thoughts, we advise you to save your used up green tea bags in an air tight container in the fridge. Whenever you have an itching sensation, restore a couple of bags using warm water, squeeze out the excess water and place the green tea bags on the affected area. You’ll have a slight tingling sensation and green tea will effectively keep away infections leaving you with a much wanted relief!


Honey is an Ayurvedic medicine to most of the problems. Apart from its antibacterial properties, it is a hydrating agent too. You can either rub honey directly onto your dry patches or itchy patches or mix it up with your body shower gel. You can also make it an important ingredient in herbal packs that you use to hydrate your body and stay away from infections.

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