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9 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Hair this Monsoon

When there are monsoons coming up there are symptoms like frizzy and unruly hair also coming up! That’s the biggest worry for every woman out there; men are no exception. Here are small tricks that can help you maintain sleek and conditioned hair even during the worst monsoons. These herbal tips will ensure that you have healthy hair and no chemicals are infused in your hair for temporary relief.

Easy Ways to Maintain Your Hair this Monsoon
  • It is during monsoons that you should make sure to oil your hair very regularly. Go in for oil massages to condition your hair and scalp with enough moisture. It is no wrong even if you oil your hair every other day and wash it out the next day. Oil will control the hair’s unruly nature. Coconut oil that’s from the cold pressed and extra virgin version will work the oil magic for you.
  • Whenever there’s monsoon, there’s going to be humidity too. Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair without fail, at least twice a week. Rely on good quality herbal shampoo and conditioner. During the monsoon rains, the downpours will ensure wetting your hair at least once; the acidic rainfalls will lessen the shine in your hair. Don’t let these rains take over your beautiful hair. Use a proper conditioner to keep those strands moisturized.
  • It is better to avoid styling your hair with chemicals and heat during the monsoons. Since your hair will have the nature to become frizzy during the monsoons, all your hair styling will go for a toss. It will not only reduce the quality of your hair, but will also not give you the dream hair you wanted. Keep away from these and use natural hair packs at home. Eggs, henna etc. could be a good choice for hair packs during monsoons.
  • During rains, your hair needs the proper warmth and dryness. Apart from getting wet in the rains, you will also wash your hair and there is a tendency of less natural light and ventilation coming in. It is your responsibility to ensure that your hair gets completely dried up after a shower and doesn’t remain half wet most of the times. Too much of wetness will lead to weakening of hair roots and you will start witness a lot of hair fall during the monsoons.
  • Ensure that you don’t tie up wet hair. Rains will not dry up your hair naturally throughout the day and so the moisture will start accumulating in your scalp, leading to hair fall. Naturally dry your hair well before you can tie it up.
  • Try and protect your hair always. Carry an umbrella or a head cap with you often. You can never predict rains during the monsoon. So ensure that your hair doesn’t get exposed to the wear and tear of nature.

Go in for homemade natural hair packs. You can trust on the following hair packs to maintain healthy hair during the monsoons, and forever:

  • Soak fenugreek in water or curd the previous night. Grind it into a fine paste the next morning and apply it as a pack to your hair. Leave it on for half an hour before washing it out.
  • Do the henna conditioning to your hair, especially during the monsoons. It will help control frizz and dryness in hair.
  • Use egg packs for hair
  • Rely on coconut oil and olive oil hair packs during the downpours
  • Last but not the least, comes food. Whatever you do to your hair externally, the internal tonic of nutrients is much important. Feed yourself with a lot of fresh green vegetables and fruits. Avoid meat during the monsoons; you will be prone to infections. The more balanced and healthy you eat, the more shine and sheen will be your hair.

Let your hair smile and thank you during these monsoons!

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