Easy Steps to Activate your Fat Burning Hormone

Did you know that your body has something called “ The fat burning hormone” ? Yes, Mother Nature has rewarded every physique with the fat burning hormones, which need to be stimulated/activated whenever you feel you have put on weight. This is especially for those who are on the obese side/overweight and are trying their maximum to lose the body weight.

Activate your Fat Burning Hormone

Your fat hormone is none other than “ Insulin ”, which is related to the sugar levels in your body; a well-known fact. Yes, insulin is the culprit. It stores fats in the form of sugars and carbs and direct fats. Like there is a solution or solution-giver to every problem; there is one to insulin, as well. The friend is named “LEPTIN”. While insulin stores your fat content, leptin burns them down!

Even though you now know that leptin is your friend in your body, you will need to know the right methods to encourage and motivate this leptin to make the job easier for you. Only when rightly stimulated, this friendly hormone will do its job for you and give you the perfect silhouette.

Now, here’s the catch, the unexpected part of the story — the lesser the fat in your body, the lesser the leptin. This means, when your leptin helps your burn down your cals and you hit mid-way of your target, your leptin stores will be over! Means, your friend has no more energy to do the job you assigned him to do! What do we do in such cases? Read on…

Let’s first learn how to motivate/stimulate/activate your friend - LEPTIN:

  • Low Carb Diet - the lower the fat intake, the easier will it for leptin to burn your fats
  • Exercise - the more of cardio exercises that you practice, your friend gets turned on!
  • Secret Sprints - you can follow up your regular walking or any other form of cardio exercise with the secret sprints. Your sprint can either be in the form of running, swimming or climbing a flight of stairs. At the maximum possible speed, do your favorite sprint for 30 seconds X 6 times. And follow this up for 6 times a week, and you will see yourself growing smaller!
  • Repeat your exercises

Now that you know your mantra to activating your Leptin is exercise, let's come to the catchy part of the story. Here’s how your increase your leptin amount in the body when your body weight refuses to go down midway. Your leptin refuses to budge to all the activities:

  • Carb - Feed Day - yes, it’s your feast day! Some call it “cheat day”. Have the carbs that you died for the most while you were dieting strictly. Pamper your taste buds with whatever carbs you wanted to! Naturally, your carb intake increases and so does your friend - leptin! And so, he is ready to be back in action again!!!
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