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Easy Skin Care Routine for Glow and Fairness

Easy Skin Care Routine for Glow and Fairness

With all those expensive lotions and potions out there in the market, beauty and glow is still becoming unachievable these days. Burning one’s pocket towards the most expensive, imported creams and lotions for that glow, rosiness and shine in the face is doing no good except for the temporary effects they cast. This being on one side, it is very rarely that people understand “beauty starts from home”. With those magic ingredients in one’s refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, glow and fairness in skin is highly achievable. Here are some tips and tricks to follow with no burden on your pocket and achieve glow and fairness instantly:

  • Clean your face: No matter even if you travelled just a walkable distance outside your home, ensure that you give your face a nice and clean wash because you have stepped outside to bear the brunt of pollution on your skin! Use a nice and trustworthy face wash product that will not wear your skin off moisture and natural shine.
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  • Stay away from makeup as much as possible: A natural lip gloss and a thin coat of sunscreen with foundation has become a basic need today and are not counted under makeup these days. Therefore, using the most natural product for these needs and keeping it to a minimal will do your skin good. If you are dressed up for an occasion and had to load yourself with makeup, ensure that you get rid of it as early as possible. Once you have removed makeup, ensure that you moisturize your skin properly to bring back that suppleness and keep away from the harmful effect of those chemicals!
  • Hydrate yourself: More than the cream or pack you use on your face, it is essential to concentrate on what you feed yourself with for that natural glow to show up on your face. Drink plenty of water as frequently as possible. Shedding off extra cals from your body and keeping yourself fit with the help of exercises and yoga will do huge amount of goodness to you. Keep your body fit and fine to see your skin glow and shine!!
  • Watch what you eat: If you lose in defeat in front of those tempting unhealthy dishes, it will be impossible to flaunt your glow and complexion. What more than self-control and determination to keep you off those extra energy foods! Keep them at bay and stick on the healthy fruits and veggies, which over a period of time will bring laurels for your beauty. Go ahead and try it with determination!
  • Scrub your face naturally: When you want to scrub off those dead cells from your facial skin, use natural scrubbers like oats powder or besan powder. These natural scrubs will not dry off your skin in the process of scrubbing and will prove to be natural and good for your skin.
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  • Use those wonder ingredients from the kitchen: Make use of naturally superb ingredients like yogurt, rose water, honey, milk cream, fruits and veggies, besan powder, turmeric powder, egg etc. as face packs on your skin. Keeping away from those instant face packs loaded with chemicals will harm your skin badly. Using face packs made out of naturally available ingredients is easy to make in a jiffy and will last long for its glow and fairness.
  • Naturals oils and juices: When it comes to skin massage, use natural products such as almond oil, olive oil etc. to keep your skin naturally supple and beautiful. Drink a lot of natural juices without sugar and use citric fruits like lemons and oranges in your face packs to bring about that freshness and shine in your skin.

With all these handy tips which are not definitely rocket science, maintaining your skin will be as easy as a child’s play! Follow these natural tips and let us know how they worked on you!

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