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Easy home remedies for allergic cough

Coughing can be the cause of innumerable reasons like pollution, environment, contagious infections etc. Allergic cough is a different variety which occurs due to one or a few factors and this varies from person to person. While for some, the reason might be dust, for a few other it might be smoke or chillness. There are allergic cough conditions that occur even because of air conditioning and new places.

When you encounter such a situation, try these home remedies to get rid of the allergy and to immunize your body further of such allergies. These remedies done at home are Ayurvedic medicines for allergic cough and will keep you protected always.

home remedies for allergic cough

Fluids all the way

When you have an allergic cough, keep drinking a lot of fluids. Fluids here refer to anything from a warm vegetable soup to even warm rasam and water. When you keep your body hydrated via food, the thick mucus which gets formed in your sinus glands has a chance to dissolve and leave your body sooner. Also, as a reaction of allergy, you might have an associated stuffy nose and a dry throat feeling, which can be got away with by drinking fluids all day long.

Honey is your friend

Honey is an age old Ayurvedic treatment for allergic cough. Drinking a teaspoon of pure organic honey whenever you feel like the allergy is agitating will help you get rid of the uncomfortable feeling. If you want to spice up this natural medicine, you could also stir in ginger paste and eat the mixture twice or thrice a day.

The holy basil and ginger

Peel and grate an inch long ginger and throw in a few fresh holy basil leaves into a pot of water. Boil this mixture until you smell the flavor of holy basil and ginger steaming out of the pot. Once done, strain out the concoction into a glass; let it get a little warm and bearable to drink. Now stir in a teaspoon of honey into the water and drink down this syrup twice a day to get rid of allergic cough.

Turmeric and milk

Add a pinch of pure turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk. You can add sugar to the milk if you prefer it that way. Drink this warm milk at least for 3-4 days before you get into your bed. Turmeric has the ability to fight against infections and to prevent your body further from infections like allergic cough. Turmeric is also your best reachable herb – stack it up in your spice rack all year long!

Pep it up with peppermint

Peppermint, also called pudina leaves are an excellent Ayurvedic remedy for allergic cough. You simply can wash a few fresh pudina leaves and keep munching on this excellent mouth refresher to kill the germs in the form of allergy and to give you a good smelling breath too – isn’t that an extra Brownie point? Try it!

The herbal rasam

This could be one of the yummiest Ayurvedic medicines for your allergic cough. Not only cough, but this rasam treats a runny nose and flu too. All you’ll need is a mixture of herbal treasures like turmeric, curry leaves, cilantro, dhaniya, cumin seeds and pepper. Soak all these in hot water for 15 minutes and then grind it into a fine paste. In a pot of boiling water, add a pinch of turmeric powder, a few pods of garlic (optional) and pour in the ground mixture. Leave it to a boil and garnish it with a bit of ghee. This rasam is a wonderful appetizer too and will drive away your allergic cough in no time. Happy herbal drinking!!

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